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What Is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint?

Annie Sloan developed her decorative chalk paints over 25 years ago. Its versatility and colour ranges make superb results achievable for even the most tentative of D.I.Y’ers  as well as professionals- if you look carefully you may spot some professionals using Annie Sloan paint and waxes on programmes like ‘Money for Nothing’.

The paint is very user friendly and surfaces to be painted often need no preparation like sanding, priming or undercoating, that most surfaces would need, and almost any surface can be painted from wood to metal, terra cotta and matt plastics and it can even be used on fabrics. It dries quickly and the coverage is superb so a small project could be transformed in a matter of hours.

Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint is especially useful when painting for a child, or for those with allergies, either for furniture or toys because it is eco friendly; non toxic, lead free and odourless.


One of the joys of this chalk paint apart from its ease of use is that you can be as creative as your imagination will let you be.

Colours can be mixed easily to create your own unique pallet, and with a few basic paint techniques under your belt you can create lots of finishes including crackle finishes, stencils, brass leaf, 2 tone effects, distressed look, decoupage, faux marbling to name but a few.


So if you have a piece of furniture that needs a revamp or if you fancy tackling something more challenging like changing the colour of your kitchen units then look no further than Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and if you don’t like the end result you can just paint over it again.

At New Image we keep stocks of the chalk paint in both 120ml sample pots and 1litre pots, brushes, stencils, waxes, sanding pads, rollers and inspirational books.


We are also running workshops to cover some of the basic paint techniques- so if you are interested in how to learn to use these remarkable paints or if you have used them but want to be a little more adventurous with your projects, then you can come and spend a fun afternoon with us at the showroom, enjoy some homemade cakes and tea or coffee and make your own little project to take home with you- a great idea for a birthday treat with friends or family or even a hen party!!