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April Showers

 ‘Drip, drip, drop, Little April shower, I’m getting wet, And I don’t care at all!’

Showers are on the way out as warmer weather approaches but shower sales are on the increase. It is estimated that up to 90% of UK households have at least one shower installation with 2/3 of those being an over-the-bath shower.

Choosing the right shower

The majority of the bathroom renovations that New Image design are for the replacement of a bath with a walk in shower enclosure. There is an increased preference for showering over bathing – gone are the days of a bath once a week on a Sunday, before school on Monday, and the hope that you were the first one in the 3 inches of lukewarm water!! Now we want, and expect, to have a shower or bath at least once a day, it might be a quick awakener in the morning or a more relaxed longer drenching after work.
There is a huge variety of showers available and there is something to suit everyone from a very basic handheld on a riser to all singing and dancing multi-functional columns.

Electric Showers

Electric showers are still the most popular choice in the UK at the moment. At New Image we show one range of instantaneous electric shower that is available in 2 models, both available in either 8.5kw or 9.5kw- the 9.5kw shower may need extra electrical work. Features of market leaders AKW electric showers include;
• Contemporary styles and high gloss finish
• LED Temperature & flow indicators on ‘ іTherm’ model

• Independent temperature and flow controls
• Phased /auto shutdown on

‘iTherm’ model
• Quick and easy to install
• 8 electrical/water entry points
• Existing cable & pipework compatible
• Rounded surfaces and edges for safety
• Connected to cold mains water only

Why did the burglar take a shower? He wanted to make a clean getaway!

Thermostatic – Exposed Valves

Very popular because of the many different ranges and options available from most bathroom manufacturers and suppliers, with all price ranges covered. They all offer different features that can include;
• Round or square overhead drenchers
• Contemporary and traditional styles
• Riser rails
• Hand held shower only or additional to overhead
• Thermostatic bar that is wall mounted and regulates the temperature and flow
• Exposed bar that acts as diverter from handheld to fixed overhead.
• Simple to install- especially if used with exposed valve wall mounting bracket kits.
• Safety shutdown if hot or cold water fails
• Can be fitted to low pressure systems as low as 0.2 bar
• Multi-function handsets


Thermostatic – Concealed Valves

Unlike exposed valves, concealed valves have all the technical stuff hidden behind a wall within the wall’s cavity. They still offer all the same features with a few extra thrown in for good measure;
• Valves can be portrait or landscape and can be multi-functional.
• Fitted independently from the showering heads -so could be outside of the enclosure.
• Contemporary and traditional styling, round and square.
• Body jets
• Drenching shower heads can be wall or ceiling mounted and ceiling recessed.
• A range of sizes is available for shower heads and shower arms.
• Handsets can be static or on a riser and connected to its own wall outlet.
• Handsets can be single or multi-functional.
• Thermostatic to control temperature, flow and divert between handheld and drencher.

Digital options are available within this category and interest in digital showers is on the rise as we use more technology in every aspect of our lives- incorporating the latest technology, reliability is improved and digital showers can offer all the features of the concealed valves and also include;
• Remote controls
• Colour changing controls
• Self-cleaning mode
• Quiet pumps
• Temperature override
• Precise control

Life is like a shower- one wrong turn and you’re in hot water!

Spa Thermostatic Shower Columns

For a very modern spa-style look then an all singing and dancing shower column could be the answer. Most shower manufacturers will offer a column shower in their range. All the controls, heads and body jets are all integrated in one column that could be recessed into a wall or wall mounted with all the plumbing hidden behind the column. A minimal 2.0 bar pressure is generally required for a column shower. Other features can include;
• A range of finishes- Gun metal, chrome, stainless steel, matt silver, black.
• Overhead LED lights.
• Touch controls
• Swivel body jets
• Overhead shower and handset
• Touch function
• Shelf
• Thermostatic controls

It is obvious that there is a huge range of showers on the market and the choosing the right shower is infinitely variable to encompass all price brackets and requirements and there is no doubt that the showering market will continue to grow and evolve as the demand for showers increases. Come into New Image and see our impressive range of showers.

Singing in the shower is great until you get shampoo in your mouth- then it’s more like a soap opera!!

Author: Angela McCann – April 2018