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Bathroom Lighting and Mirrors

Light up your bathroom

Good lighting is important in any room in your house and it can be vital in your bathroom especially if that is where you apply contact lenses or make-up. If the bathroom lighting is too dull there will be shadows that could hide uneven surfaces and can make skin tones look yellowish, which is never a flattering look!

Overhead lights are essential for maximum functionality, and when combined with extra light fittings, such as LED strips, spotlights, pendant lights, wall mounted sconces or lit mirrors will add a focal point to any bathroom.

Think outside of the box

Bathroom Cabinets are often a must in a bathroom to keep it clutter free.light up bathroom cabinet

Unlit mirror cabinets are basic in that they don’t have lights, chargers or de-mister pads but they are perfect for bathrooms where there is not the option to install a power supply or retrospective installation.

Technology has brought illuminated cabinets into the 21st Century with all sorts of wizardry that would suit even the most technologically minded of people. Like the illuminated mirrors, they will come in various sizes with a range of features including those mentioned above plus USB chargers, proximity sensor and internal heated pads. Cabinets can be single or double with most being wall mounted but some are able to be recessed into the wall giving a smooth sleek appearance.

When fitting any electrical appliances in your bathroom be sure to use a qualified electrician and approved installer to ensure that the fittings comply with the IP44 regulations.

At New Image we have a selection of lighting, mirrors and cabinets for you to look at within our inspirational bathroom displays with many more available from our ranges.

So put a little light in your life and let your mirror reflect your style.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors are often thought of as a luxurious add-on in a bathroom but they should be an integral part of the initial design. There are lots of ways that a mirror can enhance your bathroom and reflecting light, creating the illusion of more space, is one of the most beneficial features, especially in a dim room with no natural lighting.

Mirrors fall into 2 main categories- mirrors that are incorporated within a cabinet and mirrors that aren’t.

Mirrors that aren’t in a cabinet come in various shapes and sizes, as well as lit or unlit.

Unlit mirrors can be framed or unframed, square, arched, rectangular and round, plain or fancy, with a shelf or without, modern and traditional styling, something to suit most bathrooms. This type of mirror does not require any electrical work so can be fitted retrospectively into a bathroom.

Illuminated mirrors that require hard wiring, once again, come in all different shapes and sizes with added extras; Motion sensors, digital clocks, mood changing lights, de-mister pads, LED lighting in various positions, magnifying sections, Bluetooth connectivity, speakers, shavers/toothbrush chargers to name but a few of the features.

If a power supply is not an option, or you are fitting retrospectively and do not want to disturb your walls but still want a lit mirror there are battery powered LED mirror

s available that are exempt from IEE wiring regulations and suitable, therefore, for any area of your bathroom.

If you need a real close up then small magnifying mirrors could be the answer. Mostly wall mounted some have extendable arms so that they fold away when not in use and some are illuminated but they all have a plain mirror on one side and a magnifying mirror [up to X5] on the other.

task lighting next to a plain mirror

Task lighting

The best scenario for accurate shaving or application of make-up is to fit wall mounted sconces to either side of a plain mirror to avoid shadows. Avoid a light directly above a mirror because this throws strong light onto your forehead creating deep shadows below your eyes, nose and chin- not flattering as this can make you look older! 75-100 watts, 20-25 LEDs will give you excellent task lighting.


Accent lighting

If you have recesses or a shower cubicle then directional lighting such as spotlights will focus the illumination into those areas.

For a decorative effect and visual interest a chandelier will add sparkle and a touch of glamour to a bathroom with high ceilings, but always check that they are suitable for a bathroom.

Light and extractor fan combinations are available that can be installed within a shower cubicle [zone 1] – these do need to meet IEE wiring regulations and must be  Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV), but will combine 2 benefits – lighting and moisture extraction.

Flexible LED strip lighting can be used along the top and bottom of wall cabinets, recessed into tiling, used in alcoves, to accentuate sloping ceilings and installed to highlight architectural details.

Plinth lighting kits are available to install in bath panels, tiles, hard wood and laminate type flooring- these add interest to any room and bathe the floor with light- an area usually ignored.

A dimmer switch could be added to the bathroom’s main lighting- bright light is essential but dimmed lighting is more calming and romantic and  using a dimmer switch in the morning would let your eyes get used to the harsh light of day in a much more gentle fashion.