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Brand Spotlight: NEFF UK

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Throughout the world of kitchen appliances, NEFF has continued to be a frontrunner best known for inventive designs and revolutionary technology. Since its birth in 1877, NEFF has become a trusted brand amongst homeowners and professional chefs alike. Join New Image as we shine a light on this fantastic company and explore why it continues to be the go-to choice for kitchen enthusiasts globally.


Integration of Smart Technology

In the modern day, we have a wide range of advanced technologies in all areas of the home – so why should the kitchen be excluded? NEFF has embraced the era of cutting-edge technology by incorporating it seamlessly into its appliances. The Home Connect feature, which is included in many of their ovens, allows the user to control and monitor their NEFF appliance remotely from their phone or tablet. This means that the user can potentially start preheating the oven whilst on their way back from work or can check the cooking progress from outside or from within another room in the house. Cutting-edge features in NEFF’s appliances such as these provide the user with heightened convenience and flexibility in the kitchen.

Unparalleled Cooking Experience

NEFF ovens and hobs are designed to enhance the cooking experience by providing users with a range of features, which in turn elevate the quality of their dishes. For example, the NEFF N90 Built-in Oven has a range of innovative features such as the Slide&Hide® oven door which tucks neatly away beneath the oven, offers easy access and reduces the risk of nicks and burns.  These oven features, combined with precise temperature controls and intuitive user interfaces, make NEFF ovens some of the best ovens on the market.

At New Image, we are dedicated to stocking only the the most reliable products available on the market. It is our utmost priority that all our customers have nothing short of an exceptional experience with any appliance purchased from us. NEFF have selected New Image to be a member of their MasterPartner program, which is a collection of elite and knowledgable retailers and suppliers spanning across the UK. As a NEFF Master Partner, we guarantee that when you buy any NEFF products from New Image, you will always receive a premium product.


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Design Excellence

Many individuals consider the appearance of appliances and how well they would complement the overall aesthetic of their kitchen when shopping for new kitchen appliances. NEFF appliances perfectly combine both functionalities alongside aesthetics. This is shown through the design of the appliances, the meticulous attention to detail, premium materials and sleek finishes. Our range of NEFF appliances here at New Image are available in a wide variety of colours and styles to suit any kitchen aesthetic, from modern to timeless, on-trend to traditional.


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If you are looking to purchase a new kitchen appliance for your home or workplace, we highly recommend visiting our kitchen showroom in Weymouth to view our full range of NEFF appliances. We also offer a free no-obligation design consultation with our in-house experts who can discuss the compatibility of NEFF appliances in your kitchen.

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