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Zanzibar tiles are one of our best-selling wall tiles, both in our Weymouth showroom and online. The range is suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens as well as utility rooms, conservatories and wetrooms.


Rustic kitchen and bathroom wall tiles

These ceramic tiles have a matt finish and wavy edges, creating a rustic appearance, which exudes character and can add interest to any room. They look particularly effective in a country kitchen, when paired with shaker style cabinets, wooden worktops and a Belfast sink. Zanzibar tiles are subtle and unobtrusive, so they will tie in well with the rest of your home decor.


Neutral colour palette

The Zanzibar tiles are available to purchase in a variety of neutral colours, including beige, bianco, cotto, noce, ocre and salvia. These warm and earthy tones compliment a range of interior design styles and look great in period homes. They can also add a unique twist to modern houses, when paired alongside contemporary furnishings.

If you prefer a bolder colour palette, the Zanzibar verde is also a popular shade. The forest green adds depth and shade, without dominating the space. Each tile has slight colour and pattern variation, which imitates the finish of a natural stone tile.

Play with patterns

Depending on the look you are hoping to achieve you can select one colour or purchase a mix of tones and shades. Previous customers have created striking feature walls or splash backs using alternating colours. Others have had their Zanzibar tiles fitted in a random pattern, which looks equally effectives and adds an element of playfulness to the room.


Practical and hardwearing

Zanzibar tiles are a practical without compromising on style. They are resistant to strong cleaning fluids, which means they’re easy to keep clean and the perfect choice for kitchens where spillages often occur. They are hardwearing, resistant to moisture and non-porous, making them difficult to stain. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Zanzibar tiles are a small format and measure 100mm x 100mm in size. They are available to buy individually or in a box of 100.

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Please get in touch to speak to one of our design consultants for more information on Zanzibar tiles.

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Make a splash in your kitchen with a fabulous splashback.

Our kitchens are the work horses of our homes and where we tend to spend the most time, especially with the current trend of open living. So, why not make your splashback a real focal point to emphasise the cooking area? It’s where the eye is naturally drawn!

There are many options available for splashbacks, which have seen several reincarnations over the years as technology has improved. You can make the space totally unique, personal and striking as well as being practical.

Here’s our top options to bring your splashback into the 21st century.

Tiled splashbacks

No longer are you restricted to 100x100mm square tiles in muted organic colours. Tiles have got larger and come in various styles, hundreds of colours and patterns, textures and shapes. They are robust and easy to clean. Large format tiles will reduce the amount of grout lines. Mix and match colours and textures, add botanicals into your scheme, think of different layouts with chevrons and parquet patterns, or consider geometric shapes or the exotic fish scale tiles. The possibilities are endless.

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Mosaic tiles

Mosaics come on sheets to make them easy to fit and are available in hundreds of colour and texture combinations, as well as mixes of different materials, including glass, stone, metals marbles, natural stone and ceramic. From hexagonal to fish scales, squares to bricks, diamonds to chevrons, there will be something to suit your kitchen scheme.

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Glass splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are made from toughened glass, so are perfectly safe behind your cooker. They are easy to keep clean, quick and easy to fit and offer a modern and stylish alternative from tiles. From solid colours to rainbow effects, matt finishes to sparkles, mirrored to frosted glass to metal effects, there is plenty of choice to suit every style of kitchen. They come in set sizes to accommodate the most common sizes of cookers or hobs and have matching upstands to complete the look.

Bespoke kitchen splashbacks

If you’re looking for a completely individual, sleek and modern splashback, then why not get one made bespoke? Available in dozens of vibrant colours, textures and finishes your splashback is templated and fitted by specialists so you have a seamless piece of glass or aluminium perfectly cut and finished to complete your kitchen. Chemical resistant, non-porous, heat resistant and easy to clean, they are perfect for even the hardest working kitchen.

So, think outside the box and be bold with your kitchen splashbacks and make your kitchen unique to your taste and style.

The design team at New Image are experienced at crafting beautiful kitchens and can work with you to choose a splashback that will compliment your existing kitchen or upcoming kitchen renovations. Get in touch to book an appointment with one of our design team at our showroom in Weymouth.

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The kitchen is the heart of the home and a place where many families spend much of their time together. In a busy household, the kitchen has a number of functions and often doubles as a place to socialise as well as prepare food. For families with young children, it’s important to design a kitchen which is both safe and functional. Here we take a look at some of the best ways to create a family friendly kitchen without compromising on style.

Open plan kitchen

Open plan kitchens are ideal for families because they allow everyone to congregate in one room. Removing walls and partitions helps create a social environment where everyone can enjoy spending time together, without getting in each other’s way. They are also great for being able to keep an eye on little ones from a distance when you’re busy preparing food or cooking.


Island or breakfast bar


If you would like seating but don’t have room for a dining table and chairs, a kitchen island will provide an excellent space for children to sit and eat their meal or do their homework as you continue get on with other jobs. If you don’t have enough space for a standalone island, a breakfast bar may be a great alternative. There are a great variety of compact and clip on highchairs available now which allow you to have young children seated safely at breakfast bars without them taking up a huge amount of floor space.

Child friendly worktops

Worktop material

Choosing a child friendly worktop is important when remodelling or refitting your kitchen. Little ones are notoriously messy, so it’s necessary to choose something that will withstand drops, knocks, spills and the general wear and tear that comes with constant use.

You’ll also want something that doesn’t stain or chip and is easy to wipe clean to hide sticky finger prints. Corian, Minerva and Quartz are hard wearing and durable and are an excellent choice for child friendly kitchens. Wood worktops can create a feeling of warmth add a natural element and after years of wear they can be sanded down to look brand new!

Consider choosing a design with rounded corners to avoid nasty bumps to heads or things getting caught.

Worktop height

For the ultimate family friendly kitchen, you may want to consider lowering a section of your work top so that your children can easily reach when they want to help with cooking. Once they grow out of it this it could be turned into a handy storage space or even a quirky seating area.

Non slip flooring

Kitchen floors need to be hardwearing to withstand constant use throughout the day. They also need to be non-slip to prevent children hurting themselves and easy to keep clean. Karndeans Korlok, Natural Stone or Porcelain tiles make an excellent choice because they are durable, waterproof and resistant to most stains.

Childproof cupboards

Children are inquisitive and love to look in cupboards and drawers, therefore, we recommend installing Child Safety Catches, for cupboards and drawers to keep potentially dangerous items safely locked away. As children get older, slow close doors are an excellent investment as they can help prevent fingers getting trapped. They will also prevent doors being slammed and stop excess noise.

Choosing the right cooker

new image tiles oven

The cooker and hob can be considered the most hazardous appliances in a kitchen, but there are a number of small changes you can implement to ensure maximum safety for your children. You may want to consider an induction hob, which only heats up metal objects directly above the ring. This will stop your children accidentally touching the stove coil or naked flame. Consider hobs such as the Neff range with twist pads. the magnetic user friendly twist pad can be removed at any time rendering the appliances inactive.  It may also be beneficial to have your cooker installed above floor height so that your children can’t reach. Neff’s range of slide and hide oven doors are great to help ensure that whatever you’re cooking gets to and from the oven safely.



Washing up by hand.To avoid nasty burns, a boiling tap may be an excellent choice as they are difficult for children to use with a safety setting to help prevent accidents. If you prefer a conventional tap, we also supply faucets with a maximum temperature option so you can completely control the temperature of the water your children have access to.





If you would like more information on designing a family friendly kitchen or would like to make modifications to your existing space, please get in touch with our team of kitchen design experts. They will be more than happy to offer helpful advice and guide you through the design process.

Approved installers of bathrooms and kitchens

New Image Tiles, Kitchens and Bathrooms do not offer an installation service for very sound reasons. With seasonal trends it would be virtually impossible for us to employ installers all year round. Also the number of tiles, bathrooms and kitchens that we sell in a month is significantly higher than the number that can be installed. Our clients would therefore have to wait for a significant time into the future.

Approved installers

However, we do introduce our clients to local, professional trades. These people can install your kitchen, bathroom or tiling project to an exceptionally high standard that we know our customers appreciate. As a result the average waiting time for an installation is about three months from initial design consultation to completion.

Our approved installers understand the quality products and services that we supply as they are fitting them on a daily basis.  We also have excellent communication links with them so that together we can tackle any issues that may arise. Our kitchen and bathroom designers reciprocate this communication link. They understand to a good level the issues that the installers may come across with respect to electrics and plumbing. As such they provide the most efficient design and fit to achieve the best possible end results.

These approved installers are professionals in their fields and are totally invested in our projects because it is their businesses on the line. This is unlike some employed fitters who are often poorly paid, lack experience and qualifications. They are also not fully invested in their work because the projects they are working on are not personal to them. Our approved installers all take enormous pride in their work and are great ambassadors for New Image.

Getting quotes

We would always recommend that you get at least two or three quotes. This puts you in control of your project. You can then compare quotes which will vary for numerous reasons; for example the time the project will take, the materials that the installers prefer to use. It also gives you the opportunity to build a rapport with your potential installers. You can discuss any issues or worries you may have and most importantly, choose who you want in your home.

Unforeseen issues

It is not unusual to find that extra work and materials may be required because of what may be found once the

room is stripped back to its bare bones. For example there may be remedial work required to floors or walls, extra electrical work or plumbing issues. These issues can be discussed with the installer. Because of the experience of the installers, each will come up with different ideas and suggestions for the project which neither the designer nor the client may have thought of.

This system works well for all the three parties involved; us as the supplier, your installers and most importantly you – our clients. This results in fabulous installations that exceed our client’s expectations.

Painted Grey

Wood-effect floors, walls, worktops and cabinets.

Wooden flooring had humble beginnings and started life, several hundred years ago, as rough hewn wooden planks that only the wealthiest could afford. Thankfully things moved on fairly quickly and floorboards and parquet has become the norm in even the most modest of homes. With improvements in photographic and texturing technology and the use of modern materials, there are realistic wood alternatives for most items that you can put in your home. Not only do these alternatives look like their real wood equivalent, but textured products feel like the real thing too!

So, if your real wood flooring is faded with the sun or is showing signs of wear and tear, but you love the look and texture, New Image can offer you wood effect alternatives for your floors, walls, worktops and cabinets for any room in your home.


Porcelain and ceramic tiles

New Image stock a huge range of wood effect tiles in both porcelain and ceramic. Porcelain tiles are heavy duty and suitable for almost anywhere – even outside. Ceramic floor tiles are suitable for light use areas i.e. bathrooms, bedrooms, studies, and ceramic wall tiles are suitable only for walls.

Our ranges of wood effect tiles come in different colours, sizes, plank lengths, grain patterns, distressed, lime-washed, textures and from floorboard sizes to parquet. The benefits of tiles include;

• Maintenance free
• Scratch proof
• Fade resistant
• 100 % Waterproof
• Long lasting
• Easily cleaned – no harsh chemicals, a mop & hot water will do the trick
• No wear and tear
• Fire-proof
• Hygienic
• Frost proof
• Allergen free
• Stain resistant
• Environmentally friendly
• Great with underfloor heating
• Won’t warp or rot
• R10 slip resistant for most textured tiles

Bathroom & Shower room walls

If tiling is not for you in your bathroom, wetroom or shower room then consider Nuance shower boards. This award winning bathroom panel system comes in a range of colours and patterns that include several wood effects including ebony oak, wildwood and driftwood. The designs are printed in life-like proportions and textures. They are a quick and easy solution which is guaranteed for 15 years when installed using the manufacturer’s instructions. This system, unlike most others, does not require trims, internal or external corners, end caps or H sections and a competent DIYer could fit them as they are just stuck up and the corners sealed with a colour matched sealant.

The benefits of Nuance panels include;

• 100% waterproof
• No trims required with the boards preformed edge
• Easy to install
• Quick installation
• Easy to maintain
• Easy to clean
• 15 year guarantee- when installed correctly
• Will not swell or degrade
• Tongue and groove panels to extend the standard size boards
• Can be installed over most surfaces
• No grout lines

Come along to New Image and see samples of the full range and check out our portfolio on our website. Nuance panels and its components are available to order.

Karndean Luxury Flooring

Karndean Korlok is luxury flooring and an excellent alternative if tiles, engineered hardwoods, laminates, vinyl or carpet are not for you. It is quick and easy to fit and a competent DIYer, with a new Stanley blade, would be able to install it. There are no extra requirements for this system and can be installed over most existing hard floors, that do not need to be spirit level flat, without the need for underlay or adhesives.
Korlok is an ideal wood effect alternative solution for all rooms and comes in 12 wood designs with 5 of the most popular colours available to take away from our showroom and are sold in pack sizes only.

The benefits of Karndean Korlok include;
• Easy installation
• Can be fitted over most hard floors & imperfect floors
• Acoustic backing reduces noise transfer
• Durable
• Click and lock system
• Extra large planks
• Lifetime guarantee
• Low maintenance
• Comfortable underfoot
• Compatible with underfloor heating up to 27 degrees C
• Waterproof
• Realistic designs and texture
• Scratch resistant
• Stain resistant
• R10 slip resistant
• Recyclable

Karndean Palio is another range of luxury vinyl with the easy click & lock system. There are 8 realistic wood designs in the Palio range and samples can be seen in our showroom. This range offers nearly all of the same benefits as the Korlok range but is in a smaller format and packs are available to order.

Cabinets & worktops

Our kitchen department can offer a huge range of cabinet doors in various wood effects, colours and painted wood finishes. We can boast that we can supply more ranges than any other local supplier so you are sure to find what you want. Our stunning kitchen displays have a selection of wood effect cabinets and worktops and sample doors are displayed to help you make your selection.

Image Kitchens manufacture kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well as study and bedroom furniture, so you can continue the wood effect throughout your home and in bespoke sizes if necessary.

Wood effect worktops can be supplied either as a solid worktop or a laminate so there is sure to be something beautiful to suit your budget and whether the worktop is for a kitchen, bathroom or study New Image will be able to find you what you need.

So if your real wood flooring, cupboards or worktop is faded from the sun, scratched, has stained and is showing signs of wear and tear but you love the look and texture of wood but not all the hard work of bringing it back from the brink – think of wood effect, then think of New Image.

New Image Tiles

On Thursday 5th July from 1600hrs we are opening the doors to all Trade persons.

New Image are combining forces with some of the top leading tile and flooring industry specialists to bring you the New Image Trade Show that’s not to be missed!  Here’s a selection of what will be happening on the day.

Grespania Coverlam

The latest innovation in ultra thin Porcelain tiles. COVERLAM is the result of years of research and development. Thanks to the introduction of lamination pressing technology, it is now possible to produce a porcelain tile which may be as little as 3.5mm thick. This broadens the scope of porcelain, offering great potential for innovation in the fields of construction and interior design.


Karndean’s stunning Korlok Range.

Korlok is a brand new rigid core flooring collection. It takes all of the best elements of a rigid core floor, but with the beautiful handcrafted designs and quality you’d expect from Karndean.




Rubi will be offering FREE calibration service on all rubi cutters. Demonstrations on their latest tile cutters and offering up to 20% off purchases on the day. Since its inception, RUBI has always been a brand specialized in quality products and services for cutting, placement, maintenance and cleaning of the ceramic. Don’t forget to grab your FREE goodie bag from them too!



Dural will be giving free training on Expansion joints and demonstrating their up and coming product of LED trims. These dont require a qualified electrician to install. SQUARELIGHT-LEDs light up edges, connections and transitions with brilliance. The basic profiles in high quality aluminium and with heights of 9 mm and 11 mm are fitted as normal using the thin-bed installation procedure. The translucent cover is available in a rounded or square version. Matching LED strips, transformers, witches and connection materials are also available as accessories.



Tilemaster will be promoting their wetroom systems and providing demonstrations. Wet room kits are the ideal way to create contemporary step free showering areas.  They provide all the parts needed to create a beautiful wetroom in your home and come with a handy set of step-by-step installation instructions. Create the luxurious shower set-up you’ve always dreamed of!


Perfect Level Master UK

Introducing Perfect Level Master UK a new supplier to New Image for leveling systems. This leveling system was developed to bring a perfect installation for all surfaces covered with tiles. It ensures that your tile installation will be leveled on the point tile to tile (each tile is leveled by all tiles around it). Also prevents tiles from warping as your thin-set cures.


On top of all that there will be exclusive promotions and FREE giveaways!

Food from The Fantastic Sausage Factory and drinks will be served complimentary by New Image on the day to keep everyone fueled while they browse around the trade show.



All Under One Roof For One Evening Only At New Image!

Use the form below, email or
call us today 01305 781709 to confirm your attendance!


Waste disposal unit

Waste disposal units are a great alternative for dealing with home food waste

We’ve known for a long time that waste disposal units are fantastic appliances for disposing of home food waste. However we find that many people visiting us want to know more about them and find out exactly what is a waste disposal unit. They are in fact a little device that is fitted to the outlet drain of your sink, usually a half bowl. It can be turned on to mash or grind up all the non-liquid waste that collects in your kitchen sink. Once all the food waste has been ground down it can easily be washed down the waste pipes and it will be treated by your waste water company.

How much is a waste disposal unit and what are the running costs?

Food waste disposal units range in price from about £100 upwards depending on the size and ferocity of the unit plus the fitting costs. Running costs are just pennies a week – they use about the same as a 100 watt light bulb for 3 minutes of running time and less water than a short toilet flush. There are no extra costs required for disposable bin bags, no cleaning materials required and it will have paid for itself in 2 to 3 years. Your kitchen will stay clean and fresh by eliminating bagged waste – no nasty whiffs that attract insects and vermin and you’ll also free up the space that a caddy requires.

Sink with waste disposal unit

A sink with waste disposal unit is better than composting food waste; no space is required or the mess of a compost heap; it saves on landfill, and addresses the issue of greenhouse gasses, methane and CO2, as they are not captured and reused from landfill sites.

Food waste that has been through a food disposal unit is beneficial to the environment. It is sent through the pipes into the water system and goes to sewage treatment works. There it is put to good use and helps with the smooth operation of sewage treatment using the process of anaerobic digestion where it is converted to biogas which in turn generates power that is then sold on to the National Grid. 80% of sewage works use this process saving a whopping 19 million tonnes of food waste going to landfill sites.

Process of Food waste
Food Pyramid from all over the world.


Waste Disposal Units & Food Waste Facts

Worldwide food waste costs billions of pounds annually and creates massive environmental issues in its disposal costs, landfill costs and with the production of Methane & CO2 that damages the ozone layer.

The facts are startling and as much as possible should be done to help this situation and we can all do our bit!!

UK Food Waste Facts per Year

  • 38% of all fruit and vegetables is wasted – melons are the worst offenders at 25%
  • 35% of all fish and seafood
  • 30% of cereals
  • 20% of dairy products
  • 13% of meat
  • 22.4% of bread – a staggering 24 million slices
  • Food waste costs the average family £60 a month/£700 a year- that’s a weekend away!!
  • 11.7% of food purchases avoidably wasted
  • 15 million tonnes is wasted per year
  • 4.3 million tonnes of edible food is thrown away
  • 97% of food waste goes to landfill- that is 33 million tonnes!
  • Every tonne of food waste creates 3.8 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions [Waste & Resources Action Programme WRAP]
  • Landfill food waste produces Methane which is 21 times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas [Environmental Protection Agency EPA]

What Can We Do To Help?

We can all do our bit to save money for ourselves and help our environment at the same time.

  • Only buy what you need.
  • Organise your fridge;
  1. Meat at the bottom- coldest area
  2. Eggs in the middle
  3. Butter & cheese at the top – warmest area
  4. Bottles & condiments in the door
  5. Salad and vegetables in the drawer
  • Keep cheese wrapped
  • Keep bread in a cool dark place & make breadcrumbs from stale bread
  • Don’t store fruit and vegetables together
  • Store potatoes, onions, squashes and garlic in a cool dark place
  • Store tomatoes at room temperature, stem side down
  • Freeze extra portions for use on another day

How to reduce food waste

Whatever food waste you do produce should not be put into your regular waste bin but in a recycle [brown] bin for collection.

If you have a garden then a compost bin is useful for creating your own compost, which your plants will love, create a nutrient rich compost out of all your:

  • Fruit and vegetable trimmings
  • Egg shells
  • Tea bags
  • Coffee grounds
  • Remember no cooked food should be put into a garden compost bin.


How food waste is recycled



We hope you can see that a few simple changes can, and do, make all the difference. So if you hate your food waste and your smelly brown recycle bin, a waste disposal unit may be the answer. Come into our showroom and talk to the kitchen department for more information.

New Image Tiles

2017 is well and truly behind us and 2018 is the ‘Year of the Dog’-So let’s get your tails wagging and your ears pricked with some of the latest ideas.   So what, you may ask, is going to be trendy and new in bathrooms this year?  Good questions to ask are;

  • What will be the influences?
  • How will technology be incorporated?
  • What styles, patterns and colours will be in vogue?
  • Let me try to scratch the surface and answer these questions.

For many people who decide to make changes or renovations in their home the inspiration and impetus for making the changes often follows a stay in a hotel in a stylish or exotic location and the creation of a new bathing sanctuary will bring back memories while relaxing. If you don’t have a holiday planned soon and some inspiration is required then look no further than our fabulous showroom where we have over 20 stylish bathroom settings to help get your creative juices flowing.


Large Format Tiles

The main change in tiles is that large formats are taking over for bathroom walls and floors. These Great Danes of the tile world take less time to fit and there are less grout joints. Most manufacturers in Europe are discontinuing small format tiles for the larger sizes and with the development of printing technology the finishes and decorative effects applied to porcelain and ceramic tiles are very sophisticated and realistic, for instance wood effect tiles not only look like wood but have a wood texture too and textures add warmth to a tile and takes away from a clinical cold look.

Use the same tiles on the walls and floor to give a ‘spa- like’ effect and should you choose the ever more trending ‘marbles’ you could get the look of luxurious marble at a much more affordable price.

Floor areas are less than wall areas so for maximum impact on a limited budget it makes sense to be more extravagant on the floor tiles.

Patterns and Colours

Patterns and colours are back with a vengeance, and thank goodness! Unlike the random spots of Dalmatians there are some rules to make using colours and patterns work well.
As a rule of thumb if you have a patterned floor the walls should be plain and vice versa, patterned walls should have a plain floor. However, that is not a fast and hard rule!
The trends for 2018 are for colourful, bold patterns of either a single design or a collective of various patterns. A complete immersion of pattern from the floor up is forecast to be huge, but not everyone would be comfortable with that amount of pattern in what is generally one of the smallest rooms in the house. Bold colour accents are the solution to introduce colour and pattern and add character to a room, but bold does not mean avocado and peach!

The colour trends for this year are shades of blue- perfect for bathrooms as they are reminiscent of the sky and sea- denim blue, indigo, and turquoise are the ‘in’ colours for 2018 as often dictated by the fashion industry. This choice of colour range for a bathroom is a long term investment because they are for life and not just for Christmas, they will never go out of fashion.


Like a British Bulldog, traditional and period styling never goes out of date and works as well in modern new builds as well as Victorian and Edwardian properties. Free standing roll top baths are as popular as ever but the latest trend is to have a coloured outside. Some can be painted in traditional colours and others come in a selection of 2 or 3 colours with a dove grey exterior being the most popular. Freestanding and roll top baths are synonymous with luxury bathrooms and are one of the attributes that Zoopla has in their top 10 features that help to sell a house.

You can go all out and complete the look with everything traditional including taps, accessories, shower heads and valves, toilets, furniture and even the choice of tiling, or combine a mixture of traditional and modern- both work well together.

Ultra Modern

Ultra-modern furniture, just like Cockapoos and Labradoodles, are in vogue this year. The increasing need for practical bathroom storage is dictating this current trend- let’s be honest you can’t buy less than 12 toilet rolls and who doesn’t buy a good BOGOF?
High gloss modular bathroom furniture is the most popular and is available in a whole range of colours, sizes and styles. All the unsightly pipework is hidden away and there are less dust and dirt traps. With a sleek profile your room will look more spacious especially if the units are wall hung- the more floor you see tricks your eyes to make the room appear bigger and lighter- a bonus in narrow rooms.

White gloss will help to reflect the light and brighten a darker room.
A matt finish, however, is less likely to show finger marks, water marks and limescale residue, so is often more practical.
Bright and bold colours are becoming trendier this year, with orange, red and zesty lime being popular choices. Fun and organic shapes are being introduced into bathroom furniture ranges, so look out for curves and angles.


Golden Retrievers are golden, brassware is chrome! No more- both are available in other limited colours. Colour trends for bathroom and kitchen brassware are gold and copper- copper has been available and popular for a year or two and is not likely to diminish but gold is rising in both of these areas with champagne and rose gold being the colours trending this year. These gold colours are less brassy looking than the gold taps of old and with antique gold and brushed copper having soft finishes all these colours add a touch of class and luxury to any room. With mosaic tiles, accessories and lighting being produced in these colours then the theme can be continued around your room, but use them sparingly for a more subtle and understated effect.


Just like man’s best friend who lights up your life, bathroom lighting can do the same. Technology has changed bathroom lighting and it is considered a key component of a good bathroom. Illuminated mirrors and cabinets with demisters, sockets, Bluetooth, clocks and magnifiers are almost an essential in most bathrooms, they look good, are practical and add extra storage. LED lights can be warm or cool, zoned, inset, wall mounted and sensor.

Lit mirrors are available in any number of shapes, styles and sizes to suit every bathroom and they can even play your favourite music be it relaxing or revitalising to enhance your bathing experience.

The Tail End

We at New Image believe that what defines a luxury bathroom is the room design and the product design and any bathroom that our customers have invested in- be that in time, effort or money, will offer an element of luxury- even if that is an added sense of security, comfort or the feeling of indulgence. Luxury doesn’t have to be dominated by expensive products to create that WOW in your bathroom. With our expertise and experience we want our customers to feel that we have not only fulfilled their expectations but exceeded them.
Luxury should be standard and not an aspiration so come and take a leisurely stroll around our showroom and see what we can do for you, you would be barking mad not to!!


New Image Tiles

grey_yellowPlanning a new kitchen, bathroom in fact any living space can be an exciting prospect and allow you to get your ‘interior design head’ on. But often it is difficult to know where to start.

This is where mood boards become your friend by collecting magazine cuttings, swatches, colour samples or even an inanimate object, inspiration can be found all around whether it’s the décor in your favourite café or the colour of the flowers you see whilst out walking the dog! There is no right or wrong way to seek out ideas.

A good set of resources to remember for mood boards are:


Magazines, catalogues, newspapers, and flyers can all be torn up and used as elements on your mood board. For all books and elements that shouldn’t be destroyed or could get damaged, scan and print images.



Pinterest, this can be downloaded onto your smartphone, tablet or desktop enabling you to find ideas and suggestions pretty much anywhere online, whether it’s on a dedicated home decor/design website or just an inspirational image you come across whilst browsing. Shutterstock is also a great place to scroll through and see what catches your eye.

Landmarks and holiday spots:

Museums, monuments, outdoor trails, and other spots people intentionally visit can open a plethora of new ideas and schemes. Use your phone’s camera so you can capture details big and small.

Familiar territory:

If you’ve visited, say, the pub or local park down the street more times than you can count, approach it with fresh eyes and find a new perspective.

In the home:

Cooking dinner? Check out the packaging, observe the texture, shape and colour of the food you’re preparing. Anything that ignites your imagination just take a photo or draw a sketch if you have the mind and it can all be included in the creation of your mood board.

Visit our Pinterest profile to see our own mood boards and design concepts we like from elsewhere online

Mood boards are a visual experience. If you’re not a professional interior designer it doesn’t need to be polished and pretty. It simply has to be functional. If you choose to create a physical board it could be a whiteboard, a corkboard, or even a piece of thick cardboard – anything you can pin or stick things to.

Then you will be able to collect together your ideas visually and so have a better understanding of what will and won’t work when it comes to colour, shape, texture and finish.

It will also help prevent you making impulse buys, which could cost you time and money in the long run.

Brighten up your kitchen with spring flowers.

Now’s the time to brighten up your kitchen and bathroom!

Spring is nature’s way of reminding us that every day is worth celebrating; it breathes new life into the world around us and most of us feel happier, more positive and hopeful for the future. So have a ‘Spring Fling’ and bring it into your home.

The great outdoors has natural appeal to most of us- the sky, earth, water and the effect of these elements makes us feel calm and refreshed and this is the most common time of the year that we start to plan changes. So why not combine the two and make changes that bring the outdoors indoors? Here are some great ideas to brighten up your kitchen and bathrooms this springtime.

Introducing plants and cut flowers is the most obvious ‘quick fix’ choice for bringing the outside in.

Cut flowers will bring instant colour and cheerfulness to any room but will just be a short term fix while potted plants will add refreshing, sculptural shades of green and give a room an instant face lift. Moreover in the humid warm conditions of a bath/shower room some plants will thrive regardless of whether you have green fingers or not;

  • Bamboo needs very little light so is perfect for smaller dark rooms and can be grown in a pot with pebbles and water.
  • Aloe Vera [the immortality plant] is almost indestructible and just keeps on giving.
  • Cast iron plant loves to be ignored and will manage with low light levels and limited watering.
  • Begonias thrive under fluorescent light so perfect for internal bathrooms.
  • Dragon plants will help to purify the air and prefer low lighting levels and love the humidity of a bathroom.
  • Orchids will add a real touch of class and thrive on the tropical conditions that a bathroom can provide.
  • Spider plants must be one of the easiest plants to keep alive in almost any room.
  • Peace lily plants offer an excellent filtration system, don’t need much care and are easy to maintain.

Pots of growing herbs or micro salads really help to brighten up your kitchen. Not only save you money but add aromatic scents to the room too and gives you the opportunity to utilise and recycle your old tin cans, jars, teapots and mugs. When you have harvested the herbs from your garden you can hang these to dry them out for a year round supply.

Don’t forget that plants don’t just have to sit on the window sill in your kitchen or bathroom- consider hanging baskets, ceiling/wall mounted pot hangers, wall mounted pots and floor standing pots or placing the plant on top of tall/wall cupboards.

Natural materials and fibres, textures and patterns will help to bring the outside inside

Wood, rattan, hemp, jute and wicker can be introduced into your kitchen or bathroom scheme in numerous ways.

Accessories are available using natural products as well as being good storage solutions. A combination of these will enhance the look; from furniture to lampshades, rugs, baskets, canisters, plant pots, trays, handles and containers. Use them in creative ways for a rustic country look-a wicker picnic basket makes a great bread basket and wooden crates make perfect storage units whether floor standing or wall hung.

Natural Elements can be injected into your scheme to enhance the outside/inside theme

Wooden crate storage can help to brighten up your kitchen.Pebbles, rocks, sea shells, drift wood, bark, branches and wood can all be used to accessorise your rooms. They can be used in creative ways or just heaped into glass jars or baskets and displayed on shelves. If a lack of shelf space is an issue because of the normal paraphernalia that we have then considered pictures or photographs of these elements to bring nature into your home.

Colours can have dramatic effects on our mood and introducing colour into a scheme is probably the easiest and cheapest way to transform the way a room looks and feels. Accessories are easy to change, so consider treating yourself to some new bathroom towels, window dressings, storage canisters, pots and pans, cups and mugs, trays, tea cloths, kettle and toasters or even a lick of paint….

  • Green- the colour of grass, trees and plants to create a calming influence.
  • Blue-water and sky for a refreshing look.
  • Yellow- sunshine and flowers for freshness and an uplifting feel.
  • Neutral tones- whites, beige, tan for a natural and clean look.

Spring aromas help to brighten up your kitchen and bathroom

Appeal to your sense of smell by introducing the scent of spring into your home. Pot -pourri seems a little old hat these days but gone are the bowls filled with withered crispy bits of stuff but bowls filled with dried oranges, clementines, lemons and limes will add zesty aromatics to your kitchen or bathroom. Fill glass bowls with rose petals, pine cones, cinnamon sticks, star anise, bay leaves and herbs for added natural fragrances. Candles have been used for centuries to introduce scents into a room so treat yourself to some new ones and relax to springtime perfumes.

Fresh fruit always looks colourful in glass bowls and vases and shallow dishes, they are guaranteed to brighten up any room and with the zingy colours of red apples, limes, oranges and lemons you are introducing nature in its most vivid livery.Potted basil herbs.

  • With extended daylight hours our days are longer and we tend to feel happier, more vitalised and energetic. So anything we can do to bring that natural light into our homes will help to bring the outdoors inside. Clear windows of heavy drapes and blinds and dress them-if they need to be dressed- with voiles and lighter fabrics to allow the maximum amount of light into your home. You could consider DIY window films for bathrooms if you do not have frosted glass. The clever use of mirrors to reflect the natural daylight will help to make the room look even brighter.

Go on – brighten up your kitchen and bathroom this springtime and add a bit of spring zing to your home!

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