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Lots of you have been asking us lately which tiles are best for your hallway floor, with that in mind, here are our top 5 picks for Hallway Tiles.


original style victorian tiles rust buff black brown

Victorian Floor Tiles

Victorian Floor Tiles have been a firm favourite for hallway floors and porches for decades due to their traditional style and are the perfect choice for period properties.

More recently, however, new colours and decors have been added to the collection, such as Carnation Pink, Spring Green and Pugin Blue, meaning it is now possible to create more contemporary designs.

Many British homes built from 1860 may have had a tiled front path or hallway using this tile style. It’s possible to restore, repair or replicate these areas using these geometric floor tiles.

These vitrified unglazed tiles are hardwearing, long-lasting and most of all, are simply beautiful.


Parquet-Walnut floor tiles

Parquet Effect Porcelain

Parquet flooring has been in the spotlight lately, being heavily featured in many home and lifestyle magazines, along with social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram.

The small format allows these wood effect tiles to be laid in multiple formats, such as the popular herringbone or chevron pattern. We have 3 colours available, a traditional dark walnut, a natural oak, and grey ash. Unlike real wood flooring, this porcelain alternative will not bow or discolour from sunlight and is suitable for all forms of underfloor heating. The glazed porcelain ensures durability, and the ridged texture provides a grip underfoot to reduce the chances of slipping.

All ideal features for high traffic areas such as hallways.


Acropolis Patterned Tiles

Our stocked range of decorative, patterned tiles offers an affordable, easily fit solution for hallway and porch floors. Acropolis features a slightly textured slip-resistant surface but is still smooth enough to be able to wipe clean.

There are several lovely patterns and colours in this range, from Blue to Burgundy and the ever-popular monochrome.

These tiles are only £25.99 per square metre, so if you love the look of Victorian floor tiles but don’t like the price tag, Acropolis is the range for you.

View the range here


Terrazzo Style Tiles

Terrazzo was created, primarily by accident, many years ago when artists and architects produced a considerable amount of waste in the form of scrap chips when creating their stained glass or sculptures. It was noticed that walking over those marble, glass, and other waste chips pushed them into workshop floors.

Italians learned to create Terrazzo by scattering the waste chips onto clay bases, compressing them, and polishing them for a more uniform look.

For many years, we have mostly seen Terrazzo laid in extremely high traffic areas such as shopping malls and other commercial spaces.

Today, however, Terrazzo has been reinvented in a porcelain tile form and is highly desirable for our homes.

The small 20x20cm format is an ideal solution for hallways and porches.

View the range here


Dordogne Modular Porcelain

Dordogne has been a staple range in our floor tile collection for many years. A porcelain version of the timeless Limestone tiles we all love.

Limestone is a beautiful material, and it is now possible to achieve the look, firstly without the hefty price tag, but also without the high maintenance.

Real Limestone is a delicate material, prone to absorbing stains from everyday spills such as tea or red wine. Their porcelain counterparts are highly resistant to stains and scratches.

If you’re looking for a tile in your hallway, which can follow through to other rooms such as the kitchen or lounge, then Dordogne could be a great match for you.

With versatile laying options, 2 natural colours to choose from, and the ‘Petite Dessines’ decor tile, Dordogne can be styled to suit your home.

View the range here:


If you would like more information on any of our ranges, please get in touch.

natural terrazzo effect bathroom wall tiles

If you’ve been scouring Pinterest looking for design inspiration for your kitchen or bathroom project, you will have undoubtedly come across Terrazzo tiles. Terrazzo tiles have soared in popularity over the past year and we expect the trend to continue throughout 2021 and beyond.

Terrazzo Tiles have featured in numerous design magazines and are fast becoming a must have in any home. They’re incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into traditional home decor as well as modern interior design.


What Are Terrazzo Tiles?

Terrazzo Tiles date back hundreds of years and were popular in the Mediterranean. They were first created in Italy as an innovative way to use up stone offcuts and were originally made from concrete speckled with pottery, marble, metal and glass.

Today, Terrazzo effect tiles are made from a number of materials, including porcelain and resin. Terrazzo effect tiles are a great way to add interest to your wall or floor and make an eye-catching feature in any room.


Why Should I Choose Terrazzo Effect Tiles?

Terrazzo Effect tiles are made from porcelain and are a more hardwearing than the traditional concrete Terrazzo. They are easy to keep clean and require little ongoing maintenance. Porcelain Terrazzo tiles are resistant to water making them the perfect choice for bathrooms and wet rooms. Porcelain is difficult to scratch or stain, which is great for families with young children. Terrazzo effect tiles are also cheaper than traditional tiles.

nero wall tiles


How Can I style Terrazzo Tiles? 

There are many ways to style Terrazzo Tiles within the family home. Using Terazzo tiles is a great way to introduce colour into an otherwise neutral room, without dominating the space.

For a bold look you can tile a whole wall with a single Terrazzo colour. For a more subtle finish consider using them a little more sparingly and tiling midway up the wall.

We think Terrazzo tiles look great in small areas, such as a kitchen splashback or surrounding a bathtub. We also like the effect created when they’re paired with plain metro tiles in a complimentary colour.

blue terrazzo wall tiles


Where Can I Buy Terrazzo Tiles?

We have a selection of Terazzo effect tiles for sale at New Image Tiles, Kitchens and Bathrooms showroom in Weymouth. There are 3 small format tile colour options to choose from: Natural, Nero and Blue.

Nero is a dark colour with white and grey marble fragments and looks great alongside matt black or brushed brass fittings for an industrial look. Natural is a soft cream colour and is the perfect choice if you’re trying to maximise the feeling of space in a small rooms. We also have a soft blue grey colour that features black and brown flakes. This compliments a range of materials including natural wood and stone.

It’s not difficult to see why Terazzo tiles are becoming one of the fastest growing trends in interior design. Arrange an a virtual appointment with one of our experienced design team to find out how you can introduce these Italian style wall and floor tiles into your bathroom, kitchen or hallway this year.

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blue metro brick ceramic tiles

2021 is set to be a big year for home renovation. After months of spending time indoors, many people have grown tired of their existing interior and are looking to give their home a new lease of life. Updating your floor or wall tiles is an excellent way to revamp your kitchen, bathroom, living room or hallway. Here we take inspiration from some of the 2021 tile trends that are expected to be big in the new year.

Wood effect tiles

Wooden floors are incredibly trendy and look great in any home, but engineered wood is expensive and needs regular maintenance to keep it looking fresh. Wood effect tiles are a great alternative that not only look realistic, but are durable and require minimal upkeep. They’re also cheaper than the real thing when you factor in the ongoing costs.

Whilst wood effect tiles have been popular for some time now, we’re seeing more and more people choose to lay tiles in a parquet style to create a rustic or vintage look. In 2021 we expect this trend to become even more popular than it is already, as well as an increase in the number of people choosing to use wood effect tiles to create striking features walls.

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Bold colour combinations

For the past few years we’ve seen people gravitate to neutral colours and this trend is set to continue into 2021. However, we do anticipate an increase in bold colour combinations, with people choosing to mix grey or white tiles, with a statement paint colour such as navy blue and even black on the walls.

Earthy tones are also expected to make an appearance in 2021. Muted greens, rust and bronze will all be popular, helping create a rustic finish in period style homes.

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Terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo tiles are a must have for any modern kitchen or bathroom in 2021. They have grown in popularity thanks to Instagram and Pinterest and are a great way to add interest to any room. Terrazzo tiles have flecks of glass and marble embedded within the tile. This is a fun way to introduce multiple colours into a small space without it over powering the room!

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Large format tiles

In the bathroom we’re seeing more and more people attempt to replicate a spa within the home environment with natural materials and tranquil colours. With this in mind, we’re anticipating a surge in the popularity of large format tiles, especially those made from natural stone or with a marble effect.

Large format tiles give a luxurious finish and can help make a small room look bigger. They look particularly effective when used on both the walls and floor to give a cohesive look. Walk in shower cubicles also look great in this style.

We have a wide selection of wall and floor tiles available to purchase at our tiles, kitchens and bathrooms showroom in Weymouth, Dorset. Get in touch to book an appointment with one of our friendly sales advisors, who will work with you to select the right tile trends for your revamped space.

New Image Tiles

Zanzibar tiles are one of our best-selling wall tiles, both in our Weymouth showroom and online. The range is suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens as well as utility rooms, conservatories and wetrooms.


Rustic kitchen and bathroom wall tiles

These ceramic tiles have a matt finish and wavy edges, creating a rustic appearance, which exudes character and can add interest to any room. They look particularly effective in a country kitchen, when paired with shaker style cabinets, wooden worktops and a Belfast sink. Zanzibar tiles are subtle and unobtrusive, so they will tie in well with the rest of your home decor.


Neutral colour palette

The Zanzibar tiles are available to purchase in a variety of neutral colours, including beige, bianco, cotto, noce, ocre and salvia. These warm and earthy tones compliment a range of interior design styles and look great in period homes. They can also add a unique twist to modern houses, when paired alongside contemporary furnishings.

If you prefer a bolder colour palette, the Zanzibar verde is also a popular shade. The forest green adds depth and shade, without dominating the space. Each tile has slight colour and pattern variation, which imitates the finish of a natural stone tile.

Play with patterns

Depending on the look you are hoping to achieve you can select one colour or purchase a mix of tones and shades. Previous customers have created striking feature walls or splash backs using alternating colours. Others have had their Zanzibar tiles fitted in a random pattern, which looks equally effectives and adds an element of playfulness to the room.


Practical and hardwearing

Zanzibar tiles are a practical without compromising on style. They are resistant to strong cleaning fluids, which means they’re easy to keep clean and the perfect choice for kitchens where spillages often occur. They are hardwearing, resistant to moisture and non-porous, making them difficult to stain. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Zanzibar tiles are a small format and measure 100mm x 100mm in size. They are available to buy individually or in a box of 100.

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Please get in touch to speak to one of our design consultants for more information on Zanzibar tiles.

cleaning tiles

As the warmer weather approaches, we know that many of our customers will be embarking on a spot of spring cleaning. Whether you’re tackling one room at a time or planning to give the whole house a once over, make sure you give your tiles the care and attention they deserve. Regular cleaning will ensure that your tiles look their best and stand the test of time.

We often speak with customers who are unaware that different tiles require different cleaning fluids. Here we outline the cleaning products, home remedies and tools that you can use to keep your tiles looking sparkling clean.


Porcelain tiles  

Porcelain tiles are incredibly hardwearing and largely resistant to stains. However, they do require regular cleaning to ensure they retain their water-resistant properties.

When cleaning porcelain tiles you should avoid corrosive chemicals such as bleach or ammonia, as this can break down the surface layer allowing water to penetrate the tile. It can also affect the surrounding grout, which may cause your tiles to move.

Debris Flint

Warm water, a mop or microfibre towel and a bit of elbow grease are usually sufficient to clean porcelain tiles. For stubborn stains you could use a mild general-purpose detergent, diluted with water.


Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles, like porcelain tiles, are extremely durable and resistant to moisture. They can be cleaned much in the same way as porcelain tiles, using a diluted all-purpose cleaner and dried with a chammy or clean microfibre cloth. You should never use abrasive chemicals.

Grey brick tile
One tip we’ve learnt over the years is to use a traditional rag style mop rather than a sponge. This is because sponge mops tend to push the dirt around and work it further into grout lines. When cleaning ceramic tiles you should change the water regularly to avoid staining.

High gloss glazed ceramic tiles can show water marks and finger prints, so you may wish to clean these surfaces more frequently.


Glass tiles

Glass tiles are becoming an increasingly popular tile choice, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. This is because they are durable and require minimal upkeep to keep them looking great. For the most part, glass tiles are resistant to staining, bacteria, mildew and mould. However, they can experience some mineral residue and water staining, especially in hard water areas.

To keep your glass tiles looking tip top, we advise using a simple solution that you can easily make at home. For the best results spray equal parts water and white vinegar onto the tiled surface and leave for approximately 10 minutes. Rinse with cold water and dry with a soft cloth in a circular buffing motion. To avoid smearing or the build-up of soap scum, we recommend doing this on a regular basis, at least once or twice a week.


Natural stone tiles 

Natural stone such as marble, slate or travertine is a porous material, which easily absorbs grease and dirt. Therefore, we always advise customers to protect stone tiles with a with a quality sealant, which will help keep tiles looking vibrant and in excellent condition.

When cleaning natural stone, you should use specially formulated stone cleaning products, which are gentle and do not damage the protective sealant. It is also important to prevent contact with coarse materials such as a stiff bristle brush or scouring pads, which may scratch the surface of the tile. For troublesome stains, we suggest using a higher concentration of cleaning fluid and leaving it to settle for a short period of time. For best results, ongoing maintenance is essential, to ensure natural stone tiles stay protected against spills and staining.


Metal tiles

Many mosaic sheets contain metal tiles, which look bold and eye catching, especially in modern homes. If you choose metallic tiles you should only use a soft cloth or brush when cleaning, because stiff bristles may cause unsightly scratching. Stainless steel cleaner can be used to give an added sheen.

Quartz Black Mosaic

Please note, before cleaning any type of tile, you should ensure crumbs or debris are vacuumed prior to applying cleaning fluid. If trying a new cleaning product for the first time, you should always administer a small amount to an inconspicuous area, to make sure no discolouration occurs.

If you require additional advice on cleaning tiles, please contact one of our friendly team. They will be able to offer helpful guidance on what cleaning products you should use and recommend sealants to ensure the longevity of your tiles.

large format tiles

We’re often asked which tiles are best for making a small room look bigger. Here our design experts offer their top tips for choosing tiles that will help give the impression of increased space.

Tile size

Many customers shy away from selecting large tiles when carrying out renovations on a small kitchen or bathroom. This is because there is a common misconception that large tiles will dominate the space and make a small room feel even more compact.

On the contrary, large format tiles can help give the impression of increased space by reducing the number of grout lines. Too many grout lines can make a room look cluttered and draw in the eye.

If you’ve set your heart on small format or mosaic style tiles, don’t worry, there are a number of ways to incorporate them into your design project. Why not consider using a variety of tile sizes for different areas of the room? For instance, you could use large tiles on the floor and walls and small tiles in decorative alcoves.


debri talc large format tile


Tile colour

Choosing the right colour tiles is extremely important if you’re trying to make a small room look bigger. Whilst bold colours are modern and can help to create depth, it’s often best to use them sparingly if you’re trying to create the impression of increased space.

We recommend choosing pale tile shades such as white, cream, beige or grey because they can make the room look lighter and brighter. Another top tip is to pick a grout that is closely matched to the colour of the tile. Without such a stark contrast, you can create a seamless transition, which can make a room look bigger.

Similarly, using the same tiles for the wall and floors or throughout multiple rooms in a house can give the perception of space, because it’s difficult for the eye to distinguish where one room stops and another starts.


large format tiles

Tile finish

Selecting the right finish is equally as important as choosing the right colour. Gloss tiles reflect natural light, which can help make a room look lighter, in turn creating the impression of increased space. If you’re not a fan of gloss, a tile with a slight sheen or metallic finish may be a good compromise.

If the room you’re decorating is very small, heavily patterned tiles may be a no no. Subtle patterns usually work best.


Tile laying pattern

We’re seeing a surge in the number of people choosing to lay tiles in innovative laying patterns. Vertical brick, chevron, herringbone and basket weave are all becoming increasingly popular, but which arrangement is the most effective at making a room look bigger?

Your tile fitter will be able to suggest the tile laying pattern that will best suit your room; however, we often recommend laying tiles in a diagonal or diamond arrangement. Not only does this help create a feature wall, which makes a statement in your chosen room, but it will help break up harsh lines. This will trick the eye into perceiving the space to appear bigger than it is, because the boundaries are less defined.

Another trick of the trade is to lay tiles vertically if you have a low ceiling and are trying to give the impression of height.

If you’ve chosen flooring that comes in planks, such as our popular Karndean range, laying planks parallel to the longest wall can help elongate a space. This can be especially effective in a narrow hallway.


floor tiles laying pattern


To see our extensive collection of wall and floor tiles, make a visit to our tile showroom in Weymouth. Our tiles are displayed in pods, which will help you get an impression of what they will look like in situ. Our design team will be able to offer expert advice on using tiles to help make a small room look bigger.

Hallway tiles. Victorian Flooring Eltham Pattern Hall

You only get one chance to make a first impression, that’s why the entrance to your house should be welcoming and set the tone for the rest of the property. This often-overlooked area of the home is the first part of your house that visitors get to see and provides the perfect opportunity to convey your personal style and home aesthetic.

Here we’ve used our vast experience and knowledge of the tile industry to give you our top tips on choosing the right tiles for your hallway. In this blog we list the advantages and disadvantages of a number of different floor tile materials.

Practical and stylish hallway floor tiles

The hallway is a high traffic area that is likely to get a considerable amount of wear and tear. In a busy family home, the hallway tends to accumulate muddy shoes and wet coats and is a haven for dirty pets returning from their winter walk. With this in mind, hallway flooring should be practical, hard wearing and easy to clean without compromising on style.

Porcelain tiles 

Porcelain floor tiles are a great choice for the hallway because they are extremely durable and don’t require ongoing maintenance, such as sealing, waxing or polishing. They are water and stain resistant, which means they are easy to keep clean and looking great. Porcelain tiles are a great option for pet owners because they are difficult to scratch and mark.

One of the main advantages of porcelain tiles is that there are a wide selection of designs and finishes on the market, so it’s easy to find a style that will match your chosen colour scheme. Porcelain tiles have been manufactured to look like a range of different materials including marble, wood and natural stone. This means you can get your desired look whilst being practical and saving money. It is advisable to use a grout protector spray on the grout to ensure it is waterproof.

Natural stone tiles

Natural stone tiles are a more expensive option but an investment that will stand the test of time. They are incredibly long lasting and can help add character to a property, thanks to the rustic finish and unique markings on each individual tile. Stone is an excellent conductor of heat, which means they work great with underfloor heating.

Unfortunately, whilst natural stone can help create a luxurious finish and striking aesthetic, there are a number of disadvantages that should be taken into consideration when choosing for a high traffic room. Due to their porous texture they are more absorbent than other forms of tile and will mark and scratch easily. This can be prevented by using suitable sealers and protectors.

Victorian tiles

At New Image we stock an extensive range of Victorian tiles, which are ideal for hallway flooring. Once reserved exclusively for period homes, there has been a revival of this trend in recent years and now this traditional tile is common in modern homes.

Victorian ceramic tiles can help create a real style statement in any home and have a number of advantages in a hallway setting. Like porcelain tiles they are extremely durable and water resistant, making them an ideal choice for a busy area. They are also available in a range or ornate patterns, which can create a bold look in any room.

Luxury vinyl flooring

If you prefer a wooden finish but don’t want the ongoing maintenance of hardwood flooring, why not try a luxury vinyl flooring such as Karndean Korlok. or Palio click Karndean has been engineered to mimic real wood or stone and comes in a variety of finishes with knots, colour gradients and a realistic texture to mimic wood or stone, without the hassle of sanding and staining.

Karndean have made use of the latest technology in their design process to ensure their products meet the demands of a busy family home. This innovative flooring is soft underfoot, warmer to the touch and even quieter than traditional wooden floors. What’s more they are water resistant and do not warp should they become water damaged. This means that they are incredibly easy to maintain and keep looking clean.


To discuss your hallway restoration project with one of our friendly design team please do not hesitate to get in touch. We can help you transform your space and give you expert advice and guidance.

New Image Tiles

As December draws to a close, it’s time to start planning your bathroom and kitchen renovations for the New Year. Before choosing the tiles to compliment your design, why not take inspiration from the upcoming tile trends that are expected be big in 2020? We’ve scoured the new ranges of our leading suppliers, to bring you the latest tile trends ahead of the New Year.

Here’s our pick of the top tile trends for 2020 

Patterned tiles

patterned floor tiles

Patterned tiles are making a comeback this year and can help add interest to any room. Play with vintage patterns, Moroccan prints or create your own design using contrasting colours. The beauty of this trend is it’s so versatile and limited only by your imagination. Be bold, push the boundaries and create something unique that reflects your personality.

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Quirky shapes

geometric shaped wall and floor tiles

We’re expecting unusual shaped tiles to be big in 2020. Geometric shapes and hexagons in particular, will be extremely popular and can help add a modern twist to any home. For an eye-catching look, fish scale tiles are an excellent choice, particularly in marine inspired colours. If you’re nervous to try this trend, why not test the waters and just tile a feature wall.

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Black and white

black and white patterned floor tiles

Many customers are fearful of incorporating black into their interior design projects, because they worry it will make the room feel smaller. In actual fact, black can help create depth and give the impression of more space. In 2020, black is expected to be a key colour in bathroom and kitchen décor. When paired with white fixtures and fittings this classic colour combination can be sleek and stylish and add some drama to the room.

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Unusual tile laying patterns


You’ll be pleased to hear metro tiles are here to stay, but why not try a unique spin on this popular trend? We’re seeing more and more people choose innovative laying patterns, including chevron, basket weave and herringbone. Vertical layouts are also going to be big in 2020, which is great if you’re trying give the impression of a higher ceiling. For a statement look that will help emphasise the laying pattern, you could try using a contrasting grout colour.


Tile colours inspired by nature

green square and metro tile trend


Every year Pantone and Dulux announce their ‘colour of the year’, which play an integral role in shaping interior décor trends for the upcoming seasons. This year both colours, Classic Blue and Tranquil Dawn are inspired by nature and are said to inspire feelings of calm and tranquillity. We stock tiles in similar shades of blue and green, so you can stay up to date with the latest colour trends.

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If you would like to know more about the trends that are going to be big in 2020, why not book an appointment at our Weymouth showroom? Our team of kitchen, bathroom and tile experts can help bring your designs to reality and advise what will work well in your space.

New Image Tiles

Design Consultant, Angela gives an insight into our customers frequently asked questions.

At New Image Tiles we have a reputation for being experts in our field, and like to think we know a thing or two about the tile industry. Our customers come to us for for advice and we are always happy to offer help and guidance wherever necessary. There are some questions we receive time and time again, so we thought it would be helpful to compile a list of frequently asked questions about wall and floor tiles. Here’s our top 11.

Q1: Where can I see your tiles?

New Image has a huge selection of over 300 stock tile ranges and hundreds of special order ranges that we constantly change to keep up with current trends. For this reason, a printed catalogue is unfeasible, however all of our stock ranges are available to view on our New Image Tiles website and in our Weymouth showroom. Nothing beats seeing the real thing in realistic kitchen & bathroom settings!

We also have dozens of display boards of stock and special order ranges. Not only can you see the tiles but you can feel them too!

Q2: Are all your tiles in stock?

Approximately 90% of our tile ranges are kept in stock and we keep thousands of square meters in our warehouse ready to be taken away or delivered. In fact, we have one of the largest tiles warehouses in the country and we ship our tiles as far afield as the Falkland Islands! If we do not have enough to fulfil your order then there could be a waiting time of 1 to 6 weeks while we wait for a delivery from the UK, Italy or Spain. Special order tiles can take a few days and up to 6 weeks dependant on the supplier. Most stock ranges are sold by the tile so you do not have to buy by the box or square meter. Patterned tiles are usually sold in box quantities only, as are special order tiles. Box quantities may vary so it is very important to order the correct amount and we can help you with this if necessary.

new image tiles warehouse

Q3: Can I buy samples?

You can buy as many samples as you want and we will refund the amount back to you on their return within 30 days.

Q4: Can you work out how many tiles I would need?

We can calculate the approximate number of tiles you would need to complete your project from your room measurements and for large or awkward spaces we can arrange a site visit. We also have a handy tile calculator that you can use.

We always recommend that you order an extra 10% to allow for cuts, breaks and to store a few away should the worse happen in the future and you need to repair or replace.

With special order tiles or those sold in box quantities it is especially important to measure accurately to ensure you have enough.

Quantities may vary slightly dependant on the layout that you choose and how the tiler fits the tiles, which is another reason why the extra 10% is so important. It is not an exact science!

Q5: Will batch numbers be the same?

Our expert warehouse team will endeavour to make sure that batch numbers are the same throughout your order to ensure continuity in colour, size and tone. However matching batch numbers is not always essential depending on the pattern on the tile.

If you are attempting a repair or needing to patch up and need just a few tiles to match what you have already then it is unlikely that batch numbers will match. This is yet another reason to ensure that you have kept some spare!

Q6: Can I order over the phone?

Orders can be placed and paid for over the phone by calling our showroom on 01305 781709 during our normal opening hours or you can place an order using our on-line ordering service. We can arrange collection or deliveries at that time and answer any questions you may have.

Our warehouse team can pick and pack your tile order and have it ready to collect from our warehouse in about 10 minutes from placing your order. Our warehouse is open from 8.30 to 4.45 Monday to Friday and from 9.00 to 2.45 on Saturdays.

Q7: Is there a delivery charge?

For local deliveries there is a £20 delivery charge for orders under £250. If you live further afield then the delivery charge will vary according to the postcode. We can also arrange a courier if necessary, for an extra fee, or you can arrange your own courier to collect from us.

Q8: Can I return left over tiles?

We offer a 30 day returns policy for stock tiles. So, if you have too many tiles after the completion of your project, and after you have stored some away for a rainy day, we are happy to buy those tiles back from you. Tiles that are sold in box quantities only can only be returned in full unopened boxes. We cannot refund for special order tiles or clearance ranges.

Q9: Do you offer a fitting service?

We do not employ our own fitters but we have a good selection of approved professional tilers so that you can choose who you want to complete your project. We only recommend the very best tradesman to ensure your project is completed to the highest standard.

Q10: Can I see any finished projects to help with ideas?

We have a portfolio of finished projects that you can view on our New Image Bathroom and Kitchen Inspiration websites.

We also have portfolios of finished kitchen and bathroom projects available to look at in our showroom.

Q11: Can you supply adhesives, grout, trims etc?

We keep everything you need to complete your tiling project including; Grouts, tile adhesive, spacers, trowels, grout floats, sponges, buckets, whisks, sealers and much more…

…..and our experienced staff can advise you according to your project. We know what we are talking about. If you would like to discuss an upcoming project with our team of experienced staff, please get in touch or visit our showroom.


Painted Grey

Wood-effect floors, walls, worktops and cabinets.

Wooden flooring had humble beginnings and started life, several hundred years ago, as rough hewn wooden planks that only the wealthiest could afford. Thankfully things moved on fairly quickly and floorboards and parquet has become the norm in even the most modest of homes. With improvements in photographic and texturing technology and the use of modern materials, there are realistic wood alternatives for most items that you can put in your home. Not only do these alternatives look like their real wood equivalent, but textured products feel like the real thing too!

So, if your real wood flooring is faded with the sun or is showing signs of wear and tear, but you love the look and texture, New Image can offer you wood effect alternatives for your floors, walls, worktops and cabinets for any room in your home.


Porcelain and ceramic tiles

New Image stock a huge range of wood effect tiles in both porcelain and ceramic. Porcelain tiles are heavy duty and suitable for almost anywhere – even outside. Ceramic floor tiles are suitable for light use areas i.e. bathrooms, bedrooms, studies, and ceramic wall tiles are suitable only for walls.

Our ranges of wood effect tiles come in different colours, sizes, plank lengths, grain patterns, distressed, lime-washed, textures and from floorboard sizes to parquet. The benefits of tiles include;

• Maintenance free
• Scratch proof
• Fade resistant
• 100 % Waterproof
• Long lasting
• Easily cleaned – no harsh chemicals, a mop & hot water will do the trick
• No wear and tear
• Fire-proof
• Hygienic
• Frost proof
• Allergen free
• Stain resistant
• Environmentally friendly
• Great with underfloor heating
• Won’t warp or rot
• R10 slip resistant for most textured tiles

Bathroom & Shower room walls

If tiling is not for you in your bathroom, wetroom or shower room then consider Nuance shower boards. This award winning bathroom panel system comes in a range of colours and patterns that include several wood effects including ebony oak, wildwood and driftwood. The designs are printed in life-like proportions and textures. They are a quick and easy solution which is guaranteed for 15 years when installed using the manufacturer’s instructions. This system, unlike most others, does not require trims, internal or external corners, end caps or H sections and a competent DIYer could fit them as they are just stuck up and the corners sealed with a colour matched sealant.

The benefits of Nuance panels include;

• 100% waterproof
• No trims required with the boards preformed edge
• Easy to install
• Quick installation
• Easy to maintain
• Easy to clean
• 15 year guarantee- when installed correctly
• Will not swell or degrade
• Tongue and groove panels to extend the standard size boards
• Can be installed over most surfaces
• No grout lines

Come along to New Image and see samples of the full range and check out our portfolio on our website. Nuance panels and its components are available to order.

Karndean Luxury Flooring

Karndean Korlok is luxury flooring and an excellent alternative if tiles, engineered hardwoods, laminates, vinyl or carpet are not for you. It is quick and easy to fit and a competent DIYer, with a new Stanley blade, would be able to install it. There are no extra requirements for this system and can be installed over most existing hard floors, that do not need to be spirit level flat, without the need for underlay or adhesives.
Korlok is an ideal wood effect alternative solution for all rooms and comes in 12 wood designs with 5 of the most popular colours available to take away from our showroom and are sold in pack sizes only.

The benefits of Karndean Korlok include;
• Easy installation
• Can be fitted over most hard floors & imperfect floors
• Acoustic backing reduces noise transfer
• Durable
• Click and lock system
• Extra large planks
• Lifetime guarantee
• Low maintenance
• Comfortable underfoot
• Compatible with underfloor heating up to 27 degrees C
• Waterproof
• Realistic designs and texture
• Scratch resistant
• Stain resistant
• R10 slip resistant
• Recyclable

Karndean Palio is another range of luxury vinyl with the easy click & lock system. There are 8 realistic wood designs in the Palio range and samples can be seen in our showroom. This range offers nearly all of the same benefits as the Korlok range but is in a smaller format and packs are available to order.

Cabinets & worktops

Our kitchen department can offer a huge range of cabinet doors in various wood effects, colours and painted wood finishes. We can boast that we can supply more ranges than any other local supplier so you are sure to find what you want. Our stunning kitchen displays have a selection of wood effect cabinets and worktops and sample doors are displayed to help you make your selection.

Image Kitchens manufacture kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well as study and bedroom furniture, so you can continue the wood effect throughout your home and in bespoke sizes if necessary.

Wood effect worktops can be supplied either as a solid worktop or a laminate so there is sure to be something beautiful to suit your budget and whether the worktop is for a kitchen, bathroom or study New Image will be able to find you what you need.

So if your real wood flooring, cupboards or worktop is faded from the sun, scratched, has stained and is showing signs of wear and tear but you love the look and texture of wood but not all the hard work of bringing it back from the brink – think of wood effect, then think of New Image.

New Image Tiles

On Thursday 5th July from 1600hrs we are opening the doors to all Trade persons.

New Image are combining forces with some of the top leading tile and flooring industry specialists to bring you the New Image Trade Show that’s not to be missed!  Here’s a selection of what will be happening on the day.

Grespania Coverlam

The latest innovation in ultra thin Porcelain tiles. COVERLAM is the result of years of research and development. Thanks to the introduction of lamination pressing technology, it is now possible to produce a porcelain tile which may be as little as 3.5mm thick. This broadens the scope of porcelain, offering great potential for innovation in the fields of construction and interior design.


Karndean’s stunning Korlok Range.

Korlok is a brand new rigid core flooring collection. It takes all of the best elements of a rigid core floor, but with the beautiful handcrafted designs and quality you’d expect from Karndean.




Rubi will be offering FREE calibration service on all rubi cutters. Demonstrations on their latest tile cutters and offering up to 20% off purchases on the day. Since its inception, RUBI has always been a brand specialized in quality products and services for cutting, placement, maintenance and cleaning of the ceramic. Don’t forget to grab your FREE goodie bag from them too!



Dural will be giving free training on Expansion joints and demonstrating their up and coming product of LED trims. These dont require a qualified electrician to install. SQUARELIGHT-LEDs light up edges, connections and transitions with brilliance. The basic profiles in high quality aluminium and with heights of 9 mm and 11 mm are fitted as normal using the thin-bed installation procedure. The translucent cover is available in a rounded or square version. Matching LED strips, transformers, witches and connection materials are also available as accessories.



Tilemaster will be promoting their wetroom systems and providing demonstrations. Wet room kits are the ideal way to create contemporary step free showering areas.  They provide all the parts needed to create a beautiful wetroom in your home and come with a handy set of step-by-step installation instructions. Create the luxurious shower set-up you’ve always dreamed of!


Perfect Level Master UK

Introducing Perfect Level Master UK a new supplier to New Image for leveling systems. This leveling system was developed to bring a perfect installation for all surfaces covered with tiles. It ensures that your tile installation will be leveled on the point tile to tile (each tile is leveled by all tiles around it). Also prevents tiles from warping as your thin-set cures.


On top of all that there will be exclusive promotions and FREE giveaways!

Food from The Fantastic Sausage Factory and drinks will be served complimentary by New Image on the day to keep everyone fueled while they browse around the trade show.



All Under One Roof For One Evening Only At New Image!

Use the form below, email or
call us today 01305 781709 to confirm your attendance!


New Image Tiles

2017 is well and truly behind us and 2018 is the ‘Year of the Dog’-So let’s get your tails wagging and your ears pricked with some of the latest ideas.   So what, you may ask, is going to be trendy and new in bathrooms this year?  Good questions to ask are;

  • What will be the influences?
  • How will technology be incorporated?
  • What styles, patterns and colours will be in vogue?
  • Let me try to scratch the surface and answer these questions.

For many people who decide to make changes or renovations in their home the inspiration and impetus for making the changes often follows a stay in a hotel in a stylish or exotic location and the creation of a new bathing sanctuary will bring back memories while relaxing. If you don’t have a holiday planned soon and some inspiration is required then look no further than our fabulous showroom where we have over 20 stylish bathroom settings to help get your creative juices flowing.


Large Format Tiles

The main change in tiles is that large formats are taking over for bathroom walls and floors. These Great Danes of the tile world take less time to fit and there are less grout joints. Most manufacturers in Europe are discontinuing small format tiles for the larger sizes and with the development of printing technology the finishes and decorative effects applied to porcelain and ceramic tiles are very sophisticated and realistic, for instance wood effect tiles not only look like wood but have a wood texture too and textures add warmth to a tile and takes away from a clinical cold look.

Use the same tiles on the walls and floor to give a ‘spa- like’ effect and should you choose the ever more trending ‘marbles’ you could get the look of luxurious marble at a much more affordable price.

Floor areas are less than wall areas so for maximum impact on a limited budget it makes sense to be more extravagant on the floor tiles.

Patterns and Colours

Patterns and colours are back with a vengeance, and thank goodness! Unlike the random spots of Dalmatians there are some rules to make using colours and patterns work well.
As a rule of thumb if you have a patterned floor the walls should be plain and vice versa, patterned walls should have a plain floor. However, that is not a fast and hard rule!
The trends for 2018 are for colourful, bold patterns of either a single design or a collective of various patterns. A complete immersion of pattern from the floor up is forecast to be huge, but not everyone would be comfortable with that amount of pattern in what is generally one of the smallest rooms in the house. Bold colour accents are the solution to introduce colour and pattern and add character to a room, but bold does not mean avocado and peach!

The colour trends for this year are shades of blue- perfect for bathrooms as they are reminiscent of the sky and sea- denim blue, indigo, and turquoise are the ‘in’ colours for 2018 as often dictated by the fashion industry. This choice of colour range for a bathroom is a long term investment because they are for life and not just for Christmas, they will never go out of fashion.


Like a British Bulldog, traditional and period styling never goes out of date and works as well in modern new builds as well as Victorian and Edwardian properties. Free standing roll top baths are as popular as ever but the latest trend is to have a coloured outside. Some can be painted in traditional colours and others come in a selection of 2 or 3 colours with a dove grey exterior being the most popular. Freestanding and roll top baths are synonymous with luxury bathrooms and are one of the attributes that Zoopla has in their top 10 features that help to sell a house.

You can go all out and complete the look with everything traditional including taps, accessories, shower heads and valves, toilets, furniture and even the choice of tiling, or combine a mixture of traditional and modern- both work well together.

Ultra Modern

Ultra-modern furniture, just like Cockapoos and Labradoodles, are in vogue this year. The increasing need for practical bathroom storage is dictating this current trend- let’s be honest you can’t buy less than 12 toilet rolls and who doesn’t buy a good BOGOF?
High gloss modular bathroom furniture is the most popular and is available in a whole range of colours, sizes and styles. All the unsightly pipework is hidden away and there are less dust and dirt traps. With a sleek profile your room will look more spacious especially if the units are wall hung- the more floor you see tricks your eyes to make the room appear bigger and lighter- a bonus in narrow rooms.

White gloss will help to reflect the light and brighten a darker room.
A matt finish, however, is less likely to show finger marks, water marks and limescale residue, so is often more practical.
Bright and bold colours are becoming trendier this year, with orange, red and zesty lime being popular choices. Fun and organic shapes are being introduced into bathroom furniture ranges, so look out for curves and angles.


Golden Retrievers are golden, brassware is chrome! No more- both are available in other limited colours. Colour trends for bathroom and kitchen brassware are gold and copper- copper has been available and popular for a year or two and is not likely to diminish but gold is rising in both of these areas with champagne and rose gold being the colours trending this year. These gold colours are less brassy looking than the gold taps of old and with antique gold and brushed copper having soft finishes all these colours add a touch of class and luxury to any room. With mosaic tiles, accessories and lighting being produced in these colours then the theme can be continued around your room, but use them sparingly for a more subtle and understated effect.


Just like man’s best friend who lights up your life, bathroom lighting can do the same. Technology has changed bathroom lighting and it is considered a key component of a good bathroom. Illuminated mirrors and cabinets with demisters, sockets, Bluetooth, clocks and magnifiers are almost an essential in most bathrooms, they look good, are practical and add extra storage. LED lights can be warm or cool, zoned, inset, wall mounted and sensor.

Lit mirrors are available in any number of shapes, styles and sizes to suit every bathroom and they can even play your favourite music be it relaxing or revitalising to enhance your bathing experience.

The Tail End

We at New Image believe that what defines a luxury bathroom is the room design and the product design and any bathroom that our customers have invested in- be that in time, effort or money, will offer an element of luxury- even if that is an added sense of security, comfort or the feeling of indulgence. Luxury doesn’t have to be dominated by expensive products to create that WOW in your bathroom. With our expertise and experience we want our customers to feel that we have not only fulfilled their expectations but exceeded them.
Luxury should be standard and not an aspiration so come and take a leisurely stroll around our showroom and see what we can do for you, you would be barking mad not to!!


Helping you decide what tiles go where.

Tiles have been used on walls and floors for thousands of years, even as far back as 4700 BC by the Egyptians. They are the earliest form of decorative ceramic art and have been used over the centuries on roofs, walls, floors, public baths and showers and for decoration such as mosaic floors and walls.

A tile is a moulded and pressed piece of a mixture of clay, sand and other natural substances that has been fired, decorated, re-glazed and fired again to a very high temperature to give it strength and structure. They come in all shapes and sizes, smooth and textured, plain and patterned and current trends are for bigger tiles.

Splitface tiles on a building exterior.

Why choose tiles?

  • Hardwearing and can withstand spills, knocks and moving furniture.
  • More hygienic, easier to keep clean and better for people with allergies and asthma.
  • Tiles will not fade in sunlight.
  • Long term floor covering and maintenance free unlike engineered wood, laminates, carpets and vinyl.
  • Completely waterproof making them ideal for wet areas like kitchens, utility areas, bathrooms, swimming pools, paths, porches etc.
  • Slip resistancy on some tiles makes them suitable for the less abled in wet areas

So what tiles are suitable for where?

  • Ceramic wall tiles – Domestic and commercial use-matt or gloss finish- internal walls only.
  • Ceramic floor tiles – Domestic use – matt or gloss – internal moderate traffic floors only e.g. bathrooms, bedrooms, conservatories. Can be used on walls.
  • Glazed porcelain – Domestic and light commercial use-matt or gloss – internal and external – walls and floors.
  • Full bodied porcelain – Domestic and commercial use- matt or gloss – internal and external – walls and floors. Fully frost and heat proof. Suitable for swimming pools. Highest wear grade.
  • Fully vitrified – aka ‘quarry’ or ‘unglazed’- Domestic and light commercial use-internal and external – walls and floors. Frost and heat proof. May require sealing.
  • Natural stone tiles – Including Marble, Limestone, Sandstone, Slate, Granite. Domestic and commercial use- internal and external (depending on thickness) – walls and floors. Will require sealing and maintenance. Naturally quarried tiles will all be uniquely different.
  • Slip resistant – ‘R’ rating is the resistance rating as classified by professionals to advise on the suitability of a tile in a wet environment e.g. pool surround, wet room area, kitchen floor. The higher the rating the more resistant with R13 being the highest and R9 the lowest.
  • Mosaic tilesHuge ranges available in 1000’s of shapes, colours, textures and materials. They come on mesh sheets so can be easily cut to size – generally used to complement the larger wall/floor tile as a decorative feature. Especially useful in wet rooms if correct material is used.
  • Glass splashbacks – Internal use – suitable for kitchen and bathroom splashbacks. Low porosity and very hard.

Underfloor heating.

Floor tiles are perfect for under floor heating, whether a wet system or electric cable or matting is used, and offers an excellent primary heat source where wall space is a premium, leaving the wall space for electric towel radiators or floor standing units.

Electric underfloor heating can be very economical and can use the equivalent power of a couple of light bulbs thereby costing just a few pence a day to run. The running costs will be dependent on the sub-floor and the type of room where the installation is taking place.

Other benefits can be found on our under-tile heating page and in our blog detailing 10 reasons to have under-tile heating.

Adhesives and grout.

It is important that the correct adhesive is used in the right setting with the correct tiles. The range of tile adhesives that we sell will cover nearly every situation and we are happy to advise on the adhesive that is most suitable for the job at hand- we know what we are talking about!

Grout 3000 comes in a range of colours and is suitable for internal and external settings including wet rooms, showers and swimming pools. It is shrink resistant and has anti mould technology making it suitable for all projects.

Consideration must be made when grouting natural stone and porous tiles to ensure there is no scratching or discolouration on the tile surface.

The pros and cons of buying tiles online

Surface finishes

Is the tile surface gloss or matt, smooth or textured? You will not be able to see this online so be sure before you order. Arrange for a sample of the tile to be sent to you to check. At New Image you are able to see and feel all of our stock ranges and can purchase refundable sample tiles to try at home.

Don’t run short

Allow an extra 10% onto your order for cuts and breakages and to store some spares away. This will ensure you have enough without paying for an extra delivery cost and should the worst happen a few years down the line then you will have some spares to use. At New Image you would be able to come and purchase extra tiles from our stock ranges if necessary.

Tile batches

Always check that all the cartons have the same tile batch codes and tonal numbers. There will be slight differences with every batch produced so it is important to check these details to save potential disasters when laying the tiles. At New Image our warehouse staff check all the batches before fulfilling your order.

Cost can matter

Beware of cheap ranges, they are often poor quality and seconds that are sold cheaply by the manufacturers. Using these may cause problems for the fitter with varying thicknesses and sizes, warped tiles and tiles not being square. What seems to be a bargain can end up costing you more in the long run. At New Image we do not purchase or supply cheap tiles or seconds- our tiles are always the highest quality at reasonable prices and are often less expensive on like for like tiles than our major competitors.


Are you able to return any tiles left over after you have put some aside? At New Image we sell the majority of our stock ranges by the tile, so that you are able to return any excess within 30 days for a refund.

The benefits of tiles.

Tiles are durable, energy efficient, hypo-allergenic, odourless and hygiene-friendly. They can be used to great effect in every room in your house and can be a cost effective alternative to other products.

Come and see our huge ranges of kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles which are available to take away with you. And if you need advice on quantities, suitability or adhesive and grouts or tools for the job then come and talk to the experts.

As long term members of The Tile Association you can rest assured and put your trust in us – when it comes to tiles, we know what we are talking about!

Tiles, because of their very nature, are usually in the settings that get dirty the most; pathways, porches, hallways, kitchen walls and floor, utility rooms, conservatories and bathroom walls and floors. With the best will in the world they will accumulate dirt, grease, limescale, soap scum and all manner of other nasty things with the grout and silicone often being the bits that look the grubbiest the quickest with dirt stains and sometimes mould.

But don’t panic, with little effort you can revitalise your tiles, grout and silicone. There are a few good products specifically for this purpose that are all available to buy from us at New Image Tiles.

A deep clean may seem overwhelming in a large space but if tackled in stages you can achieve great results at very little cost. Certainly cheaper than re-tiling and definitely worth considering first.

Best product for cleaning mouldy silicone

If the silicone around your basin, bath, shower or sink is mouldy or discoloured then LTP Mouldex is the product for the job of cleaning it. It will kill and remove the fungus, mould spores, algae and moss from the silicone –and grout- and its anti-bacterial action will help to prevent a recurrence.

Easily applied by spray, leave for an hour, or longer if possible, then rinse off with clean water. If necessary this can be done a couple of times. Should this NOT do the job then you could replace the silicone completely: simply cut out the bulk of the offending silicone with a safety blade or a silicone remover tool, then use Silicone Eater to remove any residue, after leaving for the recommended time scrape off the worst, wipe down with water and a soft cloth and you are ready to apply new silicone. Using a silicone finisher will give a neat and professional finish.

For a different look try using a coloured silicone to tone/match your tiles or grout colour.

Best product for cleaning mouldy grout

There are several options for dealing with stained or mouldy grout;

LTP Mouldex is always worth trying first.

Intensive cleaners i.e. LTP Grimex or LTP Power Stripper –these can be used inside and out and will remove almost any stains from your grout and tiles.

Grout Rescue is a permanent grout colourant and sealer that comes in a range of 8 neutral colours from white to black. If no amount of cleaning is getting the grout spotless then changing the colour could be a quick and cheap option. Easy to apply with a brush or sponge and 2 coats will transform the grout and seal it at the same time. When fully cured the seal will help to protect against mould, mildew and staining as well as water penetration.

Grout Rescue.Re-grouting is sometimes the only answer especially if the grout is old, brittle and cracking up. Using a grout rake, grout saw or electric grout remover the offending grout can be removed and new grout applied. Technological advances in grout ensure that they have high water resistance and are anti-fungal and mould resistant. Grout 3000 is durable and is available in a range of colours with matching silicone.

Gout colour swatch

It is always worth sealing the grout, any grout, in fact all grout, on completion of a new job or after a thorough cleaning. LTP Grout & Tile Protector is an easy product to use. Just shake and spray and this product creates a colourless barrier and seals the grout helping to protect the grout from dirt, oil, grease and limescale- essential in this area-so that any dirt that sits in the grout lines will just lift away without staining or penetrating the grout. The areas that are most important to seal are floors, wet areas and behind your cooker in your kitchen.


Revitalise your tiles with LTP grout and tile protector.

Best products to clean and revitalise your tiles

Glazed ceramic and porcelain tiles

These need very little maintenance other than cleaning to remove surface dirt- and as they are so durable they can suffer a good scrubbing or steaming with no ill effects. If your ceramic or porcelain tiles are very dirty and need a thorough cleaning that water alone and other products is not removing then LTP Grimex will remove stubborn dirt and grease. Tackle small areas at a time and always follow the instructions and don’t forget your marigolds- Grimex is strong stuff!

Once the tiles are cleaned then a glaze protector could be used which will give a ‘just washed’ look to the tiles and is resistant to wear and staining and should help with cleaning in the future.

There are specialised cleaners, should you wish to use one, and LTP Porcelain Floor Tile Cleaner or LTP Waxwash are gentle liquid soaps for weekly/monthly cleaning.

For everyday cleaning of all your tiles and surfaces try LTP Multiclean. This comes in a handy spray bottle, can be used on all surfaces to clean off fats, grease, dirt and bacteria and helps to inhibit limescale build-up and it smells nice too!

Natural stone tiles

These are a little more high maintenance than glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles- they do need a bit of TLC –Tile Loving Care.

Travertine, Limestone, Sandstone, Marble and Slate are all natural stones and will be porous to different degrees so will absorb dirt and grease, therefore it is important to create and maintain a seal so they always look fab and are easy to clean.

However, the seal will break down especially if the wrong cleaning products are used- no offence Mr Muscle but you are not the man for this job!!

There are two products that will remove just about anything from natural stone tiles; stubborn surface dirt, old sealer, grease etc. Both products are very strong and need to be used cautiously following the guidelines. LTP Grimex and LTP Power Stripper should leave the tiles dirt and grime free and ready to be re-sealed.

Impregnating sealers are absorbed into the stone’s surface and helps protect against staining, water penetration, dirt etc. whilst allowing the stone to breathe and enhancing the natural features of the material. LTP Mattstone and LTP Colour Intensifier are the most popular products to use to seal natural stone products whether they are on walls or floors, inside or out.

Range of LTP products.

Encaustics, quarry and victorian tiles

These can be treated the same as natural stone tiles with the same products.

Inherited tiles

If you have inherited tiles and you are not sure what the construction or material is of those tiles there is a simple porosity test you can do to check and this will give you an idea about how much sealer should be applied, if any at all-

Apply a teaspoon of room temperature water to your tile-

  • HIGH POROSITY- the water is absorbed within 5 minutes- apply 3-4 coats of sealer.
  • MEDIUM POROSITY- the water is absorbed within 15 minutes- apply 2-3 coats of sealer.
  • LOW POROSITY- the water is absorbed within an hour or longer- apply 1-2 coats of sealer.
  • NON ABSORBENT- the water does not absorb- sealer is not required.

Whatever products you decide to use on your tiles always read and follow the instructions and guidelines and the Health and Safety advice.

New Image are always happy to advise you on any of the products or tiles that we supply. We know what we are talking about!

So go ahead and revitalise your tiles, you may be surprised at the results.

York Amarillo tiles. Coloured, Patterned & Textured Tiles

The history of coloured, patterned and textured tiles.

salisbury-black-on-dover-white-landscapeThe Victorians were to really kick-start the use of pattern for the masses in Britain with the construction of millions of Victorian terraced houses that had quite complex geometric tiled patterns used on pathways, porches, hallways and floors and picture tiles for fire surrounds and walls.

There has been an ‘on/off’ affair with patterned and textured tiles ever since. Different generations and trends have been responsible for covering them up- and worse, ripping them up- and going ‘plain, plain, plain’, but the value of having original features and character in a property is reflected in property prices.

Fear not – pattern, texture and colour are back in vogue.

The theory of coloured, patterned and textured tiles.

Textured tiles can be effective in any room in a house, not just your bathroom and kitchenWith the introduction of patterned or textured tiles a scheme can be lifted from ordinary to extraordinary. The most common are stripes, geometric, motifs and floral, waves and with the latest technology, pictures. Tiles can be effective in any room in a house, not just your bathroom and kitchen. Choose from scratchproof, clean, low maintenance, durable, waterproof. What’s not to love? Yes! You can tile your bedroom floors and walls. Yes! You can tile your lounge feature wall. So think outside the box!!

There are some basic rules to consider when selecting your tiles to make the scheme successful.

  • Vertical Lines; these will add height to a low room and accentuate the height in a tall room.
  • Horizontal Lines; these will add width to an area and visually lower the height of a room.
  • Florals; the rule of thumb is the larger the space the larger the pattern and the smaller the space the smaller the pattern.
  • Motifs; randomly recurring patterns can draw spaces together creating continuity and flow.
  • Complex Patterns; will liven up a large area but could be overwhelming in a small area.
  • Pictures; create a stunning impact for a feature in any room.


Complex patterned tiles.
Complex tile patterns will liven up a large area.


Texture; adds a subtle extra dimension to any room and can be coarse, rough, smooth, gloss and matt. Smooth and shiny will reflect and bounce light and feel cooler and contemporary.  Coarse and rough will seem more rustic and warmer.

Textured tiles add a subtle extra dimension to any room.
Textured tiles add a subtle extra dimension to any room.

How and where to use coloured, patterned and textured tiles.

  • Consider all the walls and floor and decide where you would like your patterned or textured feature to be.
  • Use toning colours on the plain wall or floor to bring the scheme together.
  • Consider dragging a patterned floor tile up the walls to create real impact and cohesiveness.
  • A vertical panel of pattern or texture is a more contemporary modern look.
  • A little can go a long way.
  • Be bold and confident and don’t be afraid to show your true colours.

New Image Tiles have been selling tiles for over 27 years in Weymouth and now, from their showroom on the Granby Industrial Estate, Weymouth you can view thousands of tiles in a beautiful collection of designed layouts for Kitchen, Bathrooms and Wet rooms.

New Image has tiles for inside and out and they are mostly kept in stock at the warehouse adjacent to the showroom in Weymouth and can be delivered locally the same day. If you are having difficulty selecting the right tiles for your project then New Image can offer clients sample tiles to take away so that customers can check the appearance in their own rooms.  Every order is picked and wrapped by our experienced warehouse team who make sure that each order is from the same batch number, and that the tiles have size and colour consistency. So whether you’re after wood effect tiles, natural stone tiles, Victorian floor tiles or mosaic tiles we have the right selection for you.

The talented design team at New Image will ensure that they help you decide on the right tiles for the look that you want to create in your home. The experienced sales team will then visit your home if required, to take accurate measurements and offer bespoke advice on the best tile layout for your room or project.

Home improvements can be expensive and that is why New Image tiles offer affordable payment options for customers and will sell individual tiles so that you do not have to purchase the whole box if you do not need them. Tiles can also be returned individually so that customers can get a full refund on any leftover tiles. New Image Tiles also have lots of stock clearance events, so it is always worth asking one of the sales team when you are making your selection.

New Image was recently nominated as finalists in the KBB National Kitchen & Bathroom awards for their Customer Service. At New Image you really will get individual advice and guidance, customers can take advantage of the free parking, free tea and coffee whilst you are making your selection and everyone will be welcomed – even children and pets !

In November and December 2016 New Image are offering customers FREE Grout and Adhesive with all qualifying stock tile purchases, simply pop into the showroom and make your selection for your “night or day on the tiles” at New Image Tiles.