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Lots of you have been asking us lately which tiles are best for your hallway floor, with that in mind, here are our top 5 picks for Hallway Tiles.


original style victorian tiles rust buff black brown

Victorian Floor Tiles

Victorian Floor Tiles have been a firm favourite for hallway floors and porches for decades due to their traditional style and are the perfect choice for period properties.

More recently, however, new colours and decors have been added to the collection, such as Carnation Pink, Spring Green and Pugin Blue, meaning it is now possible to create more contemporary designs.

Many British homes built from 1860 may have had a tiled front path or hallway using this tile style. It’s possible to restore, repair or replicate these areas using these geometric floor tiles.

These vitrified unglazed tiles are hardwearing, long-lasting and most of all, are simply beautiful.


Parquet-Walnut floor tiles

Parquet Effect Porcelain

Parquet flooring has been in the spotlight lately, being heavily featured in many home and lifestyle magazines, along with social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram.

The small format allows these wood effect tiles to be laid in multiple formats, such as the popular herringbone or chevron pattern. We have 3 colours available, a traditional dark walnut, a natural oak, and grey ash. Unlike real wood flooring, this porcelain alternative will not bow or discolour from sunlight and is suitable for all forms of underfloor heating. The glazed porcelain ensures durability, and the ridged texture provides a grip underfoot to reduce the chances of slipping.

All ideal features for high traffic areas such as hallways.


Acropolis Patterned Tiles

Our stocked range of decorative, patterned tiles offers an affordable, easily fit solution for hallway and porch floors. Acropolis features a slightly textured slip-resistant surface but is still smooth enough to be able to wipe clean.

There are several lovely patterns and colours in this range, from Blue to Burgundy and the ever-popular monochrome.

These tiles are only £25.99 per square metre, so if you love the look of Victorian floor tiles but don’t like the price tag, Acropolis is the range for you.

View the range here


Terrazzo Style Tiles

Terrazzo was created, primarily by accident, many years ago when artists and architects produced a considerable amount of waste in the form of scrap chips when creating their stained glass or sculptures. It was noticed that walking over those marble, glass, and other waste chips pushed them into workshop floors.

Italians learned to create Terrazzo by scattering the waste chips onto clay bases, compressing them, and polishing them for a more uniform look.

For many years, we have mostly seen Terrazzo laid in extremely high traffic areas such as shopping malls and other commercial spaces.

Today, however, Terrazzo has been reinvented in a porcelain tile form and is highly desirable for our homes.

The small 20x20cm format is an ideal solution for hallways and porches.

View the range here


Dordogne Modular Porcelain

Dordogne has been a staple range in our floor tile collection for many years. A porcelain version of the timeless Limestone tiles we all love.

Limestone is a beautiful material, and it is now possible to achieve the look, firstly without the hefty price tag, but also without the high maintenance.

Real Limestone is a delicate material, prone to absorbing stains from everyday spills such as tea or red wine. Their porcelain counterparts are highly resistant to stains and scratches.

If you’re looking for a tile in your hallway, which can follow through to other rooms such as the kitchen or lounge, then Dordogne could be a great match for you.

With versatile laying options, 2 natural colours to choose from, and the ‘Petite Dessines’ decor tile, Dordogne can be styled to suit your home.

View the range here:


If you would like more information on any of our ranges, please get in touch.

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We are all becoming more aware of the environmental damage we are causing by pollution. The plight of our oceans and forests is daily news- so what can we do to help? The answer is simple – something!

Why is saving water important?

All the water on this planet is all the water that there is. We cannot produce any more. The more water we save the more there is for the environment. Less energy is used to treat water and less carbon is created to treat and transport water.

WRAS the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme, has, after extensive research, produced some startling statistics;

  • 1 in 4 households has no idea how much water they use.
  • Only 6% of households would ask for advise on water saving products from a plumber.
  • Only 50% of households have a water meter fitted.
  • The average household uses about 350 litres of water a day but believe that their consumption is half of that figure at around 157 litres.
  • The average time spent showering is around 7 ½ minutes.
  • 54 seconds is the average time that taps are left running when brushing teeth-wasting 12 litres of water.

Lazy ways to save the planet.


8 – 14% of our water usage is from washing dishes. If you hand wash your dishes use a bowl rather than under a running tap. This uses 60% less water alone.

Washing up by hand.

Let your dishes, pots and pans pile up until you have a full dishwasher load. A fully loaded dishwasher can be more efficient than handwashing. Use an eco-wash as this is often just as efficient as a long wash, but don’t use pre-rinse. Also a dishwasher can be more hygienic as there are no dishcloths and tea towels to wash.

Scrape any food waste into the food recycling bin before washing. Don’t put oil, fat and grease down the sink, to avoid blocking your pipes, drains and sewers. Use a plughole strainer to prevent food stuff going down the drain. Put coffee grounds in your food waste bin or compost bin. Invest in a waste disposal unit.

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Buy a water filter jug for your drinking water and save yourself a fortune by not buying bottled water. Think of all the plastic that won’t go into the recycling bin. Re-use your cooking water for soups and gravies or for your garden.

Filtered water jug.

Clothes washing

Washing machines account for about 15% of a household’s water usage. An average wash uses about 50 litres of water so ensure you have a full load and are not washing clothes unnecessarily. Hanging clothes up as soon as you take them off should reduce the wash load and try using a clothes freshener spray in between washes. With daily showering and the use of deodorants our clothes really do not need to be washed after just a few hours of wear – unless you still work down a coal mine of course!

Loading a washing machine

If you use a self-condensing tumble dryer or a de-humidifier then make sure you re-cycle the water collected in the sumps.


Reduce your showering time to 4 minutes, which should be long enough to get squeaky clean. A standard shower uses about 30 litres of water over 5 minutes, but a power shower uses a whopping 60 – 100 litres- that is more than a long relaxing soak in a bath! Water saving shower heads could save you even more water [and money]. While you are waiting for your shower to reach temperature pop a bucket underneath and collect the water for using in the garden.

You could always try showering/bathing with a friend!

Some water providers give away a shower timer- so read the booklet that comes with your water bill and see what freebies they have to offer.

Shower timer.


Don’t have your tap running when you are brushing your teeth. 6 litres a minute of clean water is running down your plug hole and costing you money- that’s enough to make you feel down in the mouth. If you want to dunk your toothbrush (or razor) try filling a mug of water and using that instead.

Girl brushing her teeth.

Your dentist will tell you that your toothpaste works most efficiently if you don’t rinse and spit- now that is something to smile about!


Most modern toilets must be dual flush – 4 & 6 litres, older toilets may use more. The little button is for liquids and the big button is for everything else.

Toilet flushing accounts for approximately 35% of a household’s water usage- that’s a lot of water. To help you save water [and money] not flushing overnight could save a huge amount of both; pop a drop of bleach down the pan before you go to bed and everything should stay nice and clean. If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown flush it down!

Dual flush toilet.



Toilet cistern displacement bag.

If your toilet is a single flush, then you can get a ‘save a flush’ bag from your water supplier saving 1 ½ litres per flush. Every drop helps and you will feel much flusher money wise.

Always check your toilet for leaks. A good tip is to add some food colouring to the cistern and see if the coloured water ends up in bowl. If it does contact a plumber to come and adjust the cistern. Some water providers will supply a little kit to check for leaks in your WC.

To avoid costly blockages only flush the 3 P’s – Paper, Poo and Pee. Everything else should be put in a bin especially ‘flushable wipes’ . These are not actually flushable at all and cause thousands of sewerage system blockages every year because they do not break down like toilet tissue. These blockages create pollution in our rivers, streams and on our beaches. If your drain gets blocked, then it is your responsibility to pay for the unblocking, so help to avoid this by being vigilant about what is flushed away.

To see the effects of ‘flushable wipes’ watch a short video on


We are a nation of gardeners and hate to see our gardens wilting, but with hotter dryer summers it is hard to keep our gardens looking top notch. Sprinklers waste a huge amount of water and can be banned along with hose pipes during the dry seasons. To help your garden grow try planting drought loving plants like grasses, lavender and geraniums.

Country garden

Create extra shade so that the soil does not dry out as quickly. Check the weather forecast before watering- it is likely to rain tomorrow! Use a watering can instead of a hose pipe or sprinkler. Install water butts and harvest your rainwater (indoor plants prefer rainwater). If you must water, then do it in the morning or evening when there will be less evaporation.

Recycle your bath water and collect your shower water to feed your plants. If every household made just a few changes the difference would be immense, and we could all be a lot flusher!!

Water saving freebies

If you live in the Wessex Water area you can requested a number of free water saving products from them including:

  • Shower timers
  • Cistern bags saving 1.2 litres per flush
  • Leaky Loo Strip to check if your WC has a leak
  • Twin tap aerator saving up to 18 litres a day
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What Is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint?

Annie Sloan developed her decorative chalk paints over 25 years ago. Its versatility and colour ranges make superb results achievable for even the most tentative of D.I.Y’ers  as well as professionals- if you look carefully you may spot some professionals using Annie Sloan paint and waxes on programmes like ‘Money for Nothing’.

The paint is very user friendly and surfaces to be painted often need no preparation like sanding, priming or undercoating, that most surfaces would need, and almost any surface can be painted from wood to metal, terra cotta and matt plastics and it can even be used on fabrics. It dries quickly and the coverage is superb so a small project could be transformed in a matter of hours.

Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint is especially useful when painting for a child, or for those with allergies, either for furniture or toys because it is eco friendly; non toxic, lead free and odourless.


One of the joys of this chalk paint apart from its ease of use is that you can be as creative as your imagination will let you be.

Colours can be mixed easily to create your own unique pallet, and with a few basic paint techniques under your belt you can create lots of finishes including crackle finishes, stencils, brass leaf, 2 tone effects, distressed look, decoupage, faux marbling to name but a few.


So if you have a piece of furniture that needs a revamp or if you fancy tackling something more challenging like changing the colour of your kitchen units then look no further than Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and if you don’t like the end result you can just paint over it again.

At New Image we keep stocks of the chalk paint in both 120ml sample pots and 1litre pots, brushes, stencils, waxes, sanding pads, rollers and inspirational books.


We are also running workshops to cover some of the basic paint techniques- so if you are interested in how to learn to use these remarkable paints or if you have used them but want to be a little more adventurous with your projects, then you can come and spend a fun afternoon with us at the showroom, enjoy some homemade cakes and tea or coffee and make your own little project to take home with you- a great idea for a birthday treat with friends or family or even a hen party!!

new image tiles sale kitchen

This September our annual sale is back and set to be bigger and better than ever before! We will be discounting items across our kitchen, bathroom and tiles departments in an unmissable event that comes just once a year. Running from 22nd September to October 30th our sale will take place in our Granby showroom where you will be able to browse our ranges and chat to our team of expert staff, who will be able to assist you with your renovation plans. This fantastic special offer is also available online, where you can order tiles to be delivered to your home!


Take advantage of our exceptional sale and create the bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. We will be offering savings of up to 50% on some of our top bathroom brands including Burlington, Britton and Crosswater. If you’re looking to give your existing bathroom an update and refresh, we will also be heavily discounting bathroom accessories such as brassware, taps, shower enclosures, wet rooms, baths and sanitary ware, to refresh your existing bathroom and give a tired space a new lease of life.


We are giving away FREE appliances on qualifying kitchens ordered within the sale period. Spend over £4,000 on your kitchen and receive a free Neff Slide and Hide Oven worth £900 (with the first 10 kitchen sold). Kitchens purchased exceeding £2000 will receive a free induction hob and curved extractor hood worth over £400.

Why not book our free design and measuring service where our team of friendly and knowledgeable staff will work with you, offering their expertise and guidance to help you craft the kitchen you’ve always wanted, completely designed to meet your specifications and needs. Be sure to book yours as soon as possible as spaces tend to fill up fast!

Book our design service



No bathroom or kitchen is complete without tiles. We have a vast range of tiles suitable for every wall and floor in your home, with something to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you are looking for Victorian tiles with authentic patterns to transform your hallway or porch, or prefer natural stone to create a high class and modern finish, you’re guaranteed to find something to help transform any space within your home.

During our sale we are offering 20% off all stock ranges both in store and online.

Buy Tiles Online


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2017 is well and truly behind us and 2018 is the ‘Year of the Dog’-So let’s get your tails wagging and your ears pricked with some of the latest ideas.   So what, you may ask, is going to be trendy and new in bathrooms this year?  Good questions to ask are;

  • What will be the influences?
  • How will technology be incorporated?
  • What styles, patterns and colours will be in vogue?
  • Let me try to scratch the surface and answer these questions.

For many people who decide to make changes or renovations in their home the inspiration and impetus for making the changes often follows a stay in a hotel in a stylish or exotic location and the creation of a new bathing sanctuary will bring back memories while relaxing. If you don’t have a holiday planned soon and some inspiration is required then look no further than our fabulous showroom where we have over 20 stylish bathroom settings to help get your creative juices flowing.


Large Format Tiles

The main change in tiles is that large formats are taking over for bathroom walls and floors. These Great Danes of the tile world take less time to fit and there are less grout joints. Most manufacturers in Europe are discontinuing small format tiles for the larger sizes and with the development of printing technology the finishes and decorative effects applied to porcelain and ceramic tiles are very sophisticated and realistic, for instance wood effect tiles not only look like wood but have a wood texture too and textures add warmth to a tile and takes away from a clinical cold look.

Use the same tiles on the walls and floor to give a ‘spa- like’ effect and should you choose the ever more trending ‘marbles’ you could get the look of luxurious marble at a much more affordable price.

Floor areas are less than wall areas so for maximum impact on a limited budget it makes sense to be more extravagant on the floor tiles.

Patterns and Colours

Patterns and colours are back with a vengeance, and thank goodness! Unlike the random spots of Dalmatians there are some rules to make using colours and patterns work well.
As a rule of thumb if you have a patterned floor the walls should be plain and vice versa, patterned walls should have a plain floor. However, that is not a fast and hard rule!
The trends for 2018 are for colourful, bold patterns of either a single design or a collective of various patterns. A complete immersion of pattern from the floor up is forecast to be huge, but not everyone would be comfortable with that amount of pattern in what is generally one of the smallest rooms in the house. Bold colour accents are the solution to introduce colour and pattern and add character to a room, but bold does not mean avocado and peach!

The colour trends for this year are shades of blue- perfect for bathrooms as they are reminiscent of the sky and sea- denim blue, indigo, and turquoise are the ‘in’ colours for 2018 as often dictated by the fashion industry. This choice of colour range for a bathroom is a long term investment because they are for life and not just for Christmas, they will never go out of fashion.


Like a British Bulldog, traditional and period styling never goes out of date and works as well in modern new builds as well as Victorian and Edwardian properties. Free standing roll top baths are as popular as ever but the latest trend is to have a coloured outside. Some can be painted in traditional colours and others come in a selection of 2 or 3 colours with a dove grey exterior being the most popular. Freestanding and roll top baths are synonymous with luxury bathrooms and are one of the attributes that Zoopla has in their top 10 features that help to sell a house.

You can go all out and complete the look with everything traditional including taps, accessories, shower heads and valves, toilets, furniture and even the choice of tiling, or combine a mixture of traditional and modern- both work well together.

Ultra Modern

Ultra-modern furniture, just like Cockapoos and Labradoodles, are in vogue this year. The increasing need for practical bathroom storage is dictating this current trend- let’s be honest you can’t buy less than 12 toilet rolls and who doesn’t buy a good BOGOF?
High gloss modular bathroom furniture is the most popular and is available in a whole range of colours, sizes and styles. All the unsightly pipework is hidden away and there are less dust and dirt traps. With a sleek profile your room will look more spacious especially if the units are wall hung- the more floor you see tricks your eyes to make the room appear bigger and lighter- a bonus in narrow rooms.

White gloss will help to reflect the light and brighten a darker room.
A matt finish, however, is less likely to show finger marks, water marks and limescale residue, so is often more practical.
Bright and bold colours are becoming trendier this year, with orange, red and zesty lime being popular choices. Fun and organic shapes are being introduced into bathroom furniture ranges, so look out for curves and angles.


Golden Retrievers are golden, brassware is chrome! No more- both are available in other limited colours. Colour trends for bathroom and kitchen brassware are gold and copper- copper has been available and popular for a year or two and is not likely to diminish but gold is rising in both of these areas with champagne and rose gold being the colours trending this year. These gold colours are less brassy looking than the gold taps of old and with antique gold and brushed copper having soft finishes all these colours add a touch of class and luxury to any room. With mosaic tiles, accessories and lighting being produced in these colours then the theme can be continued around your room, but use them sparingly for a more subtle and understated effect.


Just like man’s best friend who lights up your life, bathroom lighting can do the same. Technology has changed bathroom lighting and it is considered a key component of a good bathroom. Illuminated mirrors and cabinets with demisters, sockets, Bluetooth, clocks and magnifiers are almost an essential in most bathrooms, they look good, are practical and add extra storage. LED lights can be warm or cool, zoned, inset, wall mounted and sensor.

Lit mirrors are available in any number of shapes, styles and sizes to suit every bathroom and they can even play your favourite music be it relaxing or revitalising to enhance your bathing experience.

The Tail End

We at New Image believe that what defines a luxury bathroom is the room design and the product design and any bathroom that our customers have invested in- be that in time, effort or money, will offer an element of luxury- even if that is an added sense of security, comfort or the feeling of indulgence. Luxury doesn’t have to be dominated by expensive products to create that WOW in your bathroom. With our expertise and experience we want our customers to feel that we have not only fulfilled their expectations but exceeded them.
Luxury should be standard and not an aspiration so come and take a leisurely stroll around our showroom and see what we can do for you, you would be barking mad not to!!


Grey is the new black for kitchens.

Are you all magnolia’d out? Are you fed up with TV shows telling you that you must have everything in shades of beige and taupe? Not sure what to do for the best? Lacking in confidence to stray away from what you know or have had previously? Then fear not – ‘grey’ is the solution to whatever colour scheme ails you!!

Grey kitchens are on trend.

It can be daunting putting colour schemes together especially if you are not colour confident. Then we all have individual tastes and lifestyles, and furnishings. And not to forget contributory factors like the period of a house if authenticity is a priority. All very confusing!

Grey is the answer. It is everywhere and is widely used in every industry where colour is an option especially in fashion, car production and interiors.

Having a grey kitchen or bathroom can project a powerful statement. Greys and silvers represent stability, solidity and protection; think of stone and armour. But it is as versatile as any colour can be in creating moods and adding character to any room.

Whether you want a warm or cool look, relaxed or casual or a touch of sophistication in your kitchen, bathroom, and conservatory, or in fact any room, New Image can supply you with a tile to suit. If you need a soft foundation colour the light greys are the way to go. But if you want something a little more dramatic then the slate greys could be the answer.


More than 50 shades of grey

Whatever shade you choose, having a grey kitchen or bathroom will sit well with any other colour. This is because it is a neutral foundation to pair with any colour off the chart or with coloured accents.

It is the perfect backdrop to showcase patterns and textures. It can also help to create a backdrop for blacks, whites and steel colours. Or to layer other tones of grey for a monochrome scheme.

grey-and-plumIt is one of the friendliest colours as it doesn’t clash with anything so it has the perfect backdrop quality that other colours don’t have. Unlikely to age or date grey will always look clean and fresh. When you are fed up with the look just change all the accessories and paint colours for a completely new look.

At New Image Tiles, Kitchens and Bathrooms we scoff at 50 shades of grey. With kitchen and bathroom units available in a range of greys and tiles in well over 50 shades, we are leading the colour trend that definitely has staying power.

Grey kitchen from New Image Tiles, Kitchens & Bathrooms.