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Although we’re still experiencing some beautiful warm weather at the moment in the UK, it won’t be long until all the leaves begin to change colour and a chill starts to permeate the air! We think that there’s no better time than now to start thinking about preparing your home for the upcoming winter season.

One essential aspect of a cosy home in winter is ensuring your living spaces are well-equipped to handle the colder temperatures. Join us as we explore two crucial aspects of winter home preparation: underfloor heating and tiling a fireplace.

Underfloor Heating

When it comes to avoiding a cold household, underfloor heating stands out as an efficient and luxurious heating solution! This innovative heating method involves installing heating cables, beneath suitable tile flooring, to radiate heat upwards, creating an even and comfortable warmth throughout the room.

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Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Efficient Heat Distribution

Unlike traditional radiators that heat the air from a single point in the room, underfloor heating cables cover the entire floor area and therefore ensure even heat distribution. Underfloor heating also eliminates cold spots and drafts, creating a more comfortable living space.

Cost & Energy Efficiency

As we’re all currently going through a cost-of-living-crisis, saving money has become hugely important to many individuals across the country. Whereas radiators can be a costly expense, underfloor heating systems can be more energy-efficient than traditional heating methods. This is because underfloor heating systems operate at much lower temperatures, which can lead to reduced energy consumption and lower heating bills – allowing you to remain cosy and warm whilst saving your money! It’s a win win.

Aesthetic Freedom

With underfloor heating being installed discreetly below the flooring, you can say goodbye to bulky radiators or heating vents that may disrupt your interior design. Underfloor heating system remains hidden under style floor tiles, allowing you the freedom to arrange furniture and decor as you please. We have a wide selection of floor tiles both online and in our Weymouth showroom. If you are looking for a few product suggestions to best complement your home, we recommend that you book a no obligation FREE appointment with our brilliant design team.

Tiling a Fireplace

The fireplace has long been a symbol of comfort and warmth during the colder months – what’s better than sitting by the fireplace wrapped in a blanket with a hot drink? Traditionally, most people don’t think twice about the fireplace in their home as being anything more than simply functional- however, tiling your fireplace can take its appeal to the next level!

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Tiling your fireplace can transform it from a mere functional element to a stunning focal point. We supply a wide range of fantastic fireplace tiles that will complement your interior decor to create a cohesive and stylish look. From classic subway tiles to intricate mosaic patterns, the variety of tiles available at the New Image tile showroom in Weymouth allows you to customise the fireplace to your preferred interior style.


Our range of fireplace tiles will protect the area around the fireplace from heat damage, preventing any burns or scorch marks from ruining your home’s look.  Regardless of the composition of the chosen fireplace tile (ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone), our fireplace tiles have been specially designed to withstand high temperatures, making them a safe and practical choice.

As winter approaches, investing in underfloor heating and tiling your fireplace can make a world of difference in creating a warm and inviting home. These upgrades not only enhance the comfort of your living spaces but also add aesthetic value that lasts year-round. So, get ready to embrace the upcoming winter month by turning your home into a cosy dream that you’ll never want to leave.

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