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Choosing the Right Tiles for Your Bathroom

Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom project can be a difficult task – especially when there are so many styles, finishes and colours to choose from. To help you, we have compiled a list of the things you should consider when selecting tiles for a bathroom, cloakroom or ensuite.


When re-designing your dream bathroom, one of the first things to consider is colour. The use of colour in your bathroom can massively impact the look and feel of the room.

It is also important to consider the finish and colour of any features, or bathroom furniture, when selecting a tile colour. For example bronze features, such as taps, work excellently alongside darker tiles for a modern or on-trend bathroom.

mont blanc bannerMont Blanc Tile in Blue

Examples of how to effectively use colour in your bathroom:

Neutral-Coloured tiles

Neutral-coloured tiles will reflect the light and create the illusion of increased space, which can make a small bathroom feel bigger. We recommend pairing these tiles with white or beige towels, along with glass features and candles for a spa-like feel in your bathroom.

Green and Wood Effect Tiles

Green and wood effect tiles, or any other natural tiles, can bring a sense of nature into your bathroom to create a relaxing atmosphere. We recommend pairing these tiles with plants and botanical features for a welcoming lush bathroom.

Black or Dark Tiles

Darker tiles are definitely a bold choice, but look incredibly luxurious in a wide range of bathroom sizes. We’ve worked with many clients who were looking to create a statement bathroom, such as the incredible Metallic Bronze Bathroom. If you’d love to design a show-stopping bathroom using dark tiles, then we recommend visiting our brilliant design team in our Weymouth showroom.

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Material and Finish

Bathroom tiles can come in a variety of materials. In the past, bathroom tiles were most commonly made from clay in the form of polished ceramic tiles. In more recent years, we have found that the trends have changed, and that other tile materials and finishes have grown in popularity.

Here at New Image we have a variety of bathroom tiles in various materials and finishes to suit any bathroom project – from ceramic, stone to porcelain, glass to gres, matt to polished, textured to gloss and smooth to natural. These different materials and finishes can completely change the look of your bathroom and can be used to complement a variety of design choices. For example, we believe that natural stone tiles look incredible in rustic farmhouse bathrooms.


Decorative tiles, such as our Victorian tiles, create a stunning look in bathrooms when used on either the floor or walls. Pair any decorative or patterned tile with a plain tile in a similar colour tone. The pairing of decorative style tiles alongside simpler tiles works well in a variety of bathroom aesthetics and sizes.

Victorian tiles. Cambridge pattern with Cavendish border in Black and Dover White
debri talc large format tile


Traditionally, when designing bathrooms many people have gone for one size of tile, usually a medium size tile, to tile both the walls and floors. However, trends have changed and we have seen a massive rise in demand for tiles in typically unusual sizes. One of the most popular tile choices for bathrooms recently has been large format tiles, which look incredibly sleek on both floors and walls to create a very lux, spa-like look.

If you’re wondering which tile to pick to best suit your bathroom style – why not book an appointment with our experienced design team to discuss any bathroom-related queries?

Anti-Bacterial Tiles

We all know that some bathrooms have the tendency to gather moisture and naturally where there is a lot of moisture, there is always the potential of mould and bacteria growth. At New Image Tiles we have an excellent range of anti-bacterial tiles to banish mould and bacteria. These tiles will eliminate 99.9% of bacteria on the tile’s surface. This is done through the ingenious anti-bacterial technology which heavily coats the tiles during the manufacturing process.

Slip-Resistant Tiles

Nearly all tiles have the potential to become slippery once they are wet, therefore we always recommend that you keep the tiles as dry as possible by using a bathmat, or shower mat. That being said, we are pleased to stock a brilliant range of slip-resistant tiles that have been treated with a grip coating to reduce the risk of slips and accidents in the bathroom.

Waterproof and Showerproof Adhesive

If you’re looking for the best tile adhesive for bathrooms, we highly suggest using either showerproof or waterproof adhesive. These adhesives will prevent your tiles from slipping and are resistant to moisture, water, and temperature.  Using dedicated adhesive which has been specifically designed to withstand water, will give your tiles the longest lease of life.

If you need more guidance in choosing the right tile for your bathroom, then simply visit our showroom in Weymouth. Our friendly design experts can talk you through all your bathroom ideas and questions. Our team can establish a customised no-obligation design service, to help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

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