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We supply a wide range of kitchen worktops to suit your interior design style. Our worktops are functional, stylish and built from high quality materials to stand the test of time.

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There’s a wide selection of kitchen worktops to choose from when designing your dream kitchen at New Image in Weymouth. We work with leading manufacturers to supply a range of high-quality workshops, including laminate, Minerva, quartz, solid wood and natural stone.

Our experienced design team will help you select a worksurface that is functional, stylish and compliments your design aesthetic. We supply an extensive range of materials in different colours, finishes and thicknesses to suit all tastes and budget requirements.


Our kitchen counters can be used to make breakfast bars and are durable and easy to keep clean. There are plenty of ways to configure your worktop to make the most of your available space and create a standout feature in your home.

Kitchen countertops

Choosing the right worksurface for your kitchen is an important decision. The worktops are one of the main focal points in the room and need to withstand heavy use on a day-to-day basis.


Laminate is one of the most affordable kitchen worktop options available at New Image. Laminate worktops are available in a wide selection of colours, textures and finishes and are designed to imitate solid wood and natural stone, without the premium price tag.

Laminate countertops are durable and manufactured to a high standard. It is low maintenance and easy to keep clean. Choosing a laminate worktop is cost effective option for families looking to give a dated kitchen a new lease of life without breaking the bank.


Minerva worktops are fast becoming one of our most best-selling kitchen counters at New Image. They are manufactured using state of the art technology and designed to bridge the gap between laminate and quartz. They can be cut on site by an experienced kitchen fitter, which means you can create a virtually seamless joint.

Minerva worktops are extremely practical for a busy family kitchen and can withstand sustained daily use.


Quartz worktops are available in a variety of colours to help you achieve a stylish and sophisticated finish in your kitchen or utility room. Stone and glass can be added to create unique flecks and sparkles, which makes for an eye-catching design feature. Our quartz counter tops can be purchased with a gloss or matt finish, depending on your preference. They look great in traditional kitchens as well as contemporary kitchens with a sleek and minimalist design.

Quartz countertops are renowned for their durability and are non-porous, which means they are stain resistant and hygienic. Quartz is scratch resistant.

Solid wood

Solid wood worktops are an excellent choice for both traditional and contemporary kitchens. Wood worktops are timeless and can add warmth and character to any kitchen.

We supply oak, walnut, bamboo and beech countertops in a range of thicknesses and stains. Deep worktops are the ultimate luxury and will be a standout feature in the room.

We have light and dark wood worktops available – each with different knots and grains. No two pieces are the same, which means your kitchen will have a unique look and feel. Solid worktops are perfect for rustic country style kitchens as well as more modern properties, with plenty of natural light.

Wood worktops can be combined with other worktop materials such as quartz to define particular areas.

Natural stone (Granite, Marble etc)

Stone worktops are the ultimate luxury and will help you create a statement finish in your kitchen. We supply an extensive selection of natural stone countertops, including granite and marble. There are lots of colour options to choose from, so you can coordinate your worktops with your cupboards or pick a contrasting colour for a bold and eye-catching look. Natural stone is formed over millions of years, so every piece has unique characteristics, which in our opinion only adds to its appeal.

Stone worktops come with a premium price tag, but they are long lasting and will stand the test of time. Granite is particularly hardwearing and resistant to scratches and heat if properly treated.

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Compact Laminate Worktops

Compact laminate worktops feature a thin edge, which helps create a sleek and stylish finish. They are hardwearing, easy to keep clean and affordable.

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Composite Worktops

Composite worktops are man made using multiple materials. They are strong, durable and require minimal ongoing maintenance. Available in a variety of colours and styles.


Laminate Worktops

Laminate worktops are a cost effective option for any kitchen. They come in a wide variety of styles and colours to suit every kitchen. Laminate is hardwearing and durable.

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Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops are strong and hardwearing. They come in a range of colours and finishes. They can include glass or concrete specks for a wow factor finish.

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Stone Worktops

Stone worktops are the ultimate luxury and will help make a statement in any kitchen. Stone is incredibly hardwearing and resistant to scratches. It's long-lasting and durable.


Wood Worktops

Wood worktops are the perfect choice for traditional kitchens - particularly those with a country or rustic style. Solid wood worktops are available in a range of colours.



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Excellent collection of quality tiles, bathrooms and contemporary fitted furniture.
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Excellent friendly and helpful service from all the team especially Angela and Sue .Soo happy with my new bathroom absolutely love it!! Would recommend them !!Thankyou
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Bought full bathroom suite from New Image. That wasn’t my original intention but they made process so easy and came up with good design.
Prompt and courteous reception
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Very pleased with the support planning a new bathroom. Subsequent supply of materials for the project was really good.
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My elderly father and I visited this store after having the most appalling service at a well known branch of a tiling company in Dorcheser and he has been badgering me to do one of those reviews thingys for New Image since. From the minute the door was held open for him to the final conversation he had with them, those ladies could not have been more helpful. Not being very steady on his feet, he was sat down and dealt with so respectfully. Even when he put his order in, then changing his mind the following week, they were so obliging and helpful. The ladies went out of their way to make the whole experience so very professional. A quality his generation appreciate more than anything. Thanks New Image. Will certainly know who to recommend any time.
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Great professional service!! Good advice given by your staff on choice of tiles for our lounge/diner and conservatory. Quality workmanship from tiler Pete Warwick, clean, tidy and did a superb job,! Very happy with the work carried out !!
Paul Harrington
New image are brilliant,Sue Latham is amazing really knows what she is talking about,all the team extremely knowledgeable,Sue put us in contact with MJ Fox who did the fitting,can not say enough about Matt, brilliant plumber,fitter and around excellent quy would absolutely recommend.
Well, what can I say......the team at New Image, Tiles, Kitchens and Bathrooms are very professional and friendly. We ordered our complete bathroom from them, the suite, the tiles and everything to fit it. The bathroom lady, Sue Latham, also recommended Jake Richmond Ceramics, to fit the bathroom for us. The combination of the quality products from New Image, together with the outstanding workmanship from Jake Richmond and his team, has given us a wow factor bathroom to be extremely proud of. You may have looked around at the rest, but give New Image and Jake Richmond a go, because they are the BEST!!
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Super helpful customer service and fantastic tiles at really good prices.
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