What are the benefits of using wood effect tiles?

There are many benefits to using wood effect tiles over traditional hardwood flooring. These benefits are as follows:

  1. Moisture Resistance: Unlike real wood panels and hardwood flooring, wood effect tiles are suitable for areas which regularly get wet, or where moisture may be a concern – such as kitchens, bathrooms, wet rooms, or exterior spaces.
  2. Easy Maintenance: Unlike hardwood flooring which will need special products, such as polish, wood effect tiles are incredibly easy to keep clean. Wood effect tiles will never stain! We recommend wiping or mopping your wood effect tiles to clean them.
  3. Versatility: Our range of wood effect tiles here at New Image comes in a vast selection of colours, patterns, and sizes
  4. Cost: Wood effect tiles are a far more cost-friendly alternative to hardwood flooring. Not only are they sold at a much lower price point, they are hardwearing and do not require time consuming and costly maintenance.

To learn more about wood effect tiles visit our page Wood Effect Tiles vs. Hardwood Flooring

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