Why do tiles crack?

Tiles can crack for a number of reasons, so it’s important to determine the underlying reason so that you can tackle the issue and stop it from becoming an ongoing problem. Reasons for tiles cracking include:

  • Incorrect installation – sometimes bathroom tiles crack as a result of incorrect installation. Inexperienced tilers may select the wrong adhesive or not apply it properly to the back of the tile
  • Failing to prepare – cracked tiles may occur due to the wall or floor not being prepared for tiling properly. Always enlist the help of a professional to help
  • Impact – even the strongest materials can be damaged by impact. The tile may have cracked from an item falling on it or sustained heavy load
  • Temperature change – extreme temperature change may cause tiles to crack. Try and maintain a steady temperature in your home
  • Water damage – water damage to the supporting wall can damage the adhesive and cause tiles to crack and fall off
  • Building movement – building foundations can shift over time

To prevent tiles from cracking, always ensure you are using high quality tiles such as those supplied by New Image in Weymouth. Select the right tiles for your project and make sure they are installed correctly by a professional using proper techniques and adhesive.

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