Grey is the new black for kitchens.

Grey IS the New Black for Kitchens and Bathrooms

Are you all magnolia’d out? Are you fed up with TV shows telling you that you must have everything in shades of beige and taupe? Not sure what to do for the best? Lacking in confidence to stray away from what you know or have had previously? Then fear not – ‘grey’ is the solution to whatever colour scheme ails you!!

Grey kitchens are on trend.

It can be daunting putting colour schemes together especially if you are not colour confident. Then we all have individual tastes and lifestyles, and furnishings. And not to forget contributory factors like the period of a house if authenticity is a priority. All very confusing!

Grey is the answer. It is everywhere and is widely used in every industry where colour is an option especially in fashion, car production and interiors.

Having a grey kitchen or bathroom can project a powerful statement. Greys and silvers represent stability, solidity and protection; think of stone and armour. But it is as versatile as any colour can be in creating moods and adding character to any room.

Whether you want a warm or cool look, relaxed or casual or a touch of sophistication in your kitchen, bathroom, and conservatory, or in fact any room, New Image can supply you with a tile to suit. If you need a soft foundation colour the light greys are the way to go. But if you want something a little more dramatic then the slate greys could be the answer.


More than 50 shades of grey

Whatever shade you choose, having a grey kitchen or bathroom will sit well with any other colour. This is because it is a neutral foundation to pair with any colour off the chart or with coloured accents.

It is the perfect backdrop to showcase patterns and textures. It can also help to create a backdrop for blacks, whites and steel colours. Or to layer other tones of grey for a monochrome scheme.

grey-and-plumIt is one of the friendliest colours as it doesn’t clash with anything so it has the perfect backdrop quality that other colours don’t have. Unlikely to age or date grey will always look clean and fresh. When you are fed up with the look just change all the accessories and paint colours for a completely new look.

At New Image Tiles, Kitchens and Bathrooms we scoff at 50 shades of grey. With kitchen and bathroom units available in a range of greys and tiles in well over 50 shades, we are leading the colour trend that definitely has staying power.

Grey kitchen from New Image Tiles, Kitchens & Bathrooms.