Georgia porcelain and graphite

Trendy Kitchens

The New Image design team stay up to date with the latest trends to ensure we're at the forefront of kitchen design. Create your dream on trend using state of the art appliances and the latest colours and storage solutions.

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On Trend Kitchens

New Image are at the forefront of kitchen design in Dorset. We understand that kitchen trends are constantly evolving and we’re continually expanding our product range to include ‘must have’ appliances, styles and colours. We pay close attention to influential designers and are always on the lookout for the next ‘big thing’.

Our talented design team will help you step out of your comfort zone and give your existing kitchen a new lease of life. Book a design appointment at our Weymouth showroom and let us walk you through the renovation process and introduce you to the latest kitchen trends.


Bold colours

In recent years were seeing an increasing number of homeowners gravitating towards colourful cabinetry and ditching neutral palettes in favour of richer hues. Marine blues, anthracite greys and heritage greens are bang on trend, with many customers turning to darker shades to achieve a luxurious look and feel.

More customers than ever before are embracing colour and looking for ways to create eye-catching, stand out features in their home. Colour is being used in a variety of places, including glass splashbacks and wall and floor tiles.

Fashionable cabinetry

Traditional shaker style doors are back in fashion, with new designs launched to add a fresh twist to this classic design. Many homeowners are moving away from hardware and going handles in a bid to create a more refined, sleek and seamless look. Cross bar handles are also popular.

Many of our customers are choosing integrated appliances to keep them hidden away and out of sight.

Innovative storage solutions

On trend kitchens have lots of innovative features. We’re noticing homeowners are striving for minimalism and want everything to have a place. Customers are investing in clever storage solutions to reduce clutter and keep work surfaces free from mess.


Georgia Porcelain and Graphite

Georgia Porcelain and Graphite is a trendy kitchen set which is reminiscent of traditional kitchen designs. SHOP THE RANGE
Belgravia Parisian Blue and Stone_Main Shoot_RGB

Belgravia Parisian Blue and Stone

Belgravia Parisian Blue and Stone kitchen looks fantastic in modern homes. SHOP THE RANGE
Madison Marine and Light Teal_Main Shoot_RGB

Madison Marine and Light Teal

Madison Marine and Light Teal shaker doors create a colourful kitchen space, which looks fantastic in traditional townhouses. SHOP THE RANGE
Madison Cashmere and Graphite_Cameo 1_RGB

Madison Cashmere and Graphite

Madison Cashmere and Graphite is an effortlessly stylish combination of shaker doors, which suits any kitchen aesthetic. SHOP THE RANGE
Wakefield Lava_Main Shoot_RGB

Wakefield Lava

Wakefield Lava simultaneously blends tradition with on-trend design choices. SHOP THE RANGE
Zola Matte CMS Orange Dust Grey and Graphite_Cameo 5_RGB

Zola Matte Zingy Orange, Graphite and Dust Grey

The Zola Matte Zingy Orange, Graphite and Dust Grey Kitchen has an eye-catching and modern design, perfect for stylish and modern homes. SHOP THE RANGE
Aldana Viridian_Cameo 3_RGB

Aldana Viridian

The Aldana Viridian Kitchen looks fantastic in country homes with a modern flair. SHOP THE RANGE
Aldana Dust Grey, Pale Yellow and Brilliant White

Aldana Dust Grey, Pale Yellow and Brilliant White

Aldana Dust Grey, Pale Yellow and Brilliant White is a fun combination of doors for a mainly monochrome on-trend kitchen with a pop of colour. SHOP THE RANGE
Strada Matte Lava and Travola Carbon Oak

Ferro Oxidised Copper, Zola Matte Lava, Rezana Espresso Oak

Ferro Oxidised Copper, Zola Matte Lava, Rezana Espresso Oak are an eye-catching combination and work well in modern kitchens. SHOP THE RANGE
Zola Matte Marine and Ferro Painted Brass

Zola Matte Marine and Ferro Painted Brass

Zola Matte Marine and Ferro Painted Brass slab doors look fantastic in contemporary on-trend kitchens. SHOP THE RANGE
Zola Matte Marine, Ferro Painted Copper and Rezana Stained Light Oak

Zola Matte Marine, Ferro Painted Copper and Rezana Stained Light Oak

Zola Matte Marine, Ferro Painted Copper and Rezana Stained Light Oak are perfect for Modern and On-Trend Kitchens. SHOP THE RANGE
deep forest green kitchen

Georgia Deep Forest

We love the Georgia kitchen in this stylish deep forest green colour. SHOP THE RANGE
lime green and blue kitchen

Harborne Slate Blue, Stone and Citrus Green

Make a statement in your home with this bold kitchen. SHOP THE RANGE
Wakefield Cardamom and Light Oak sage green kitchen

Wakefield Cardamom and Light Oak

This stunning sage green kitchen is bang on trend at the moment. SHOP THE RANGE
florence slate blue kitchen

Florence Slate Blue

Routered shaker door made from high tension MDF plus board. SHOP THE RANGE
blue and pink kitchen

Madison Vintage Pink and Slate Blue

Stylish pink colour painted shaker doors. SHOP THE RANGE
zola matte slate blue kitchen

Zola Matte Slate Blue

Stylish slab door in a stunning slate blue colour. SHOP THE RANGE
heritage green kitchen

Clifden Handleless Heritage Green

Handleless smooth matte painted door in a striking heritage green colour. SHOP THE RANGE
ellesmere slate blue on trend kitchen

Ellesmere Slate Blue

In frame effect routered shaker door. SHOP THE RANGE
clifden vintage pink kitchen island

Clifden Vintage Pink and Light Grey

Stylish shaker kitchen in a modern colour palette of vintage pink and light grey. SHOP THE RANGE
Kensington Graphite

Kensington Graphite

Kensington graphite is a 22mm thick MDF door wrapped in 0. SHOP THE RANGE
Wakefield Marine

Wakefield Marine

Wakefield Painted features a solid ash frame with internal moulding and a veneered ash centre panel. SHOP THE RANGE
zola soft matte porcelaini and rezana weather silver

Zola Soft-Matte Porcelain and Rezana Weathered Silver

Zola Soft-Matte is an 18mm MDF slab door finished in super matte PET lacquered laminate. SHOP THE RANGE
Clifden Marine and Light Grey

Clifden Marine and Light Grey

Clifden is a smooth matte painted shaker MDF door with a 15% sheen finish. SHOP THE RANGE
Clifden Heritage Green and Porcelain

Clifden Heritage Green and Porcelain

Clifden is a smooth matte painted shaker MDF door with a 15% sheen finish. SHOP THE RANGE

Why Choose New Image?

New Image are a family run business with more than 30 years experience in the industry. We specialise in designing state of the art kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and offices from our spacious showroom in the heart of Weymouth. We're proud to supply an extensive collection of quality tiles from leading manufacturers across the world. Over the years we've earned an excellent reputation in the local area and have received fantastic feedback from happy customers across Dorset.

We have handpicked a fantastic team of designers, who go the extra mile to help you create the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. They have a wealth of experience and will walk you through every step of the project to give your home a new lease of life.

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Excellent collection of quality tiles, bathrooms and contemporary fitted furniture.
Elizabeth Kantretti
Excellent friendly and helpful service from all the team especially Angela and Sue .Soo happy with my new bathroom absolutely love it!! Would recommend them !!Thankyou
Michelle Bugler
Bought full bathroom suite from New Image. That wasn’t my original intention but they made process so easy and came up with good design.
Prompt and courteous reception
Jennifer Marks
Very pleased with the support planning a new bathroom. Subsequent supply of materials for the project was really good.
Paul Walker
My elderly father and I visited this store after having the most appalling service at a well known branch of a tiling company in Dorcheser and he has been badgering me to do one of those reviews thingys for New Image since. From the minute the door was held open for him to the final conversation he had with them, those ladies could not have been more helpful. Not being very steady on his feet, he was sat down and dealt with so respectfully. Even when he put his order in, then changing his mind the following week, they were so obliging and helpful. The ladies went out of their way to make the whole experience so very professional. A quality his generation appreciate more than anything. Thanks New Image. Will certainly know who to recommend any time.
What does it matter Who cares
Great professional service!! Good advice given by your staff on choice of tiles for our lounge/diner and conservatory. Quality workmanship from tiler Pete Warwick, clean, tidy and did a superb job,! Very happy with the work carried out !!
Paul Harrington
New image are brilliant,Sue Latham is amazing really knows what she is talking about,all the team extremely knowledgeable,Sue put us in contact with MJ Fox who did the fitting,can not say enough about Matt, brilliant plumber,fitter and around excellent quy would absolutely recommend.
Well, what can I say......the team at New Image, Tiles, Kitchens and Bathrooms are very professional and friendly. We ordered our complete bathroom from them, the suite, the tiles and everything to fit it. The bathroom lady, Sue Latham, also recommended Jake Richmond Ceramics, to fit the bathroom for us. The combination of the quality products from New Image, together with the outstanding workmanship from Jake Richmond and his team, has given us a wow factor bathroom to be extremely proud of. You may have looked around at the rest, but give New Image and Jake Richmond a go, because they are the BEST!!
Andy Taylor
Super helpful customer service and fantastic tiles at really good prices.
jennie poyser