Merlyn Level 25 Slip Resistant Quadrant Shower Tray

  • Ultra slim 25mm low level shower tray
  • Discreet integrated waste cover
  • Top Acrylic capped ABS layer
  • Made from Stone Resin
  • Bottom ABS layer (encapsulates the tray)
  • Can be fitted on or level with the floor
  • Comes with 90mm fast flow waste


Slip Resistant Shower Trays are designed in a beautiful matt white finish, without the harsh surface texture sometimes experienced in an anti-slip finish. The anti-slip properties are part of the acrylic capped ABS surface and not added as a separate coating, giving this shower tray excellent durability with slip resistant technology that cannot be removed. Made from Stone Resin, this new Slip Resistant Quadrant Shower Tray is manufactured to the highest standards to provide a safe showering space.

The Level25 Slip Resistant shower trays have reached a SRV (Slip Resistance Values) in wet conditions greater than the required 36 mark, and Class C for DIN 51097 in the barefoot ramp test. This ranks our slip resistant shower trays in the premium class.

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