Quooker Classic Nordic Round Tap

A classic boiling water tap to combine with any mixer tap.

Available in Polished Chrome, Stainless Steel or Nickel.

Choose from the following tanks:

  • Pro3 – Provides 3 litres of instant boiling water.
  • Pro7 – Provides 7 litres of instant boiling water.
  • Combi – Provides 7 litres of instant boiling water or 15 litres of hot water (60°C) all from a cold feed.

For more information, including installation guides, please visit the Quooker website: Downloads | Quooker prices, dimensions and product guides



Quooker Classic Nordic Round Tap – 100°c boiling water in an instant

No more waiting for the kettle to boil. You’ll save so much time and space on your worktop. The first time you poach eggs, skin tomatoes and blanche asparagus will definitely be one to remember. And you’ll discover so much more: how to clean that greasy oven dish with your Quooker, for example. Quickly fill a hot water bottle. Sterilise teats. Or make a cup of filter coffee.
Quooker users all over the world agree: once you’ve used a Quooker, you can’t live without it. Just as predicted by Henri Peteri, who invented the boiling-water tap in 1970. His idea was as simple as it was revolutionary and still forms the basis for the company that is now run by Peteri’s two sons Walter and Niels and which has since become an international success.

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