Free NEFF Kitchen Appliances at New Image Kitchens.

For a limited time New Image are offering FREE NEFF kitchen appliances as from 1 March 2017 on any kitchen purchased from New Image.  There is a sliding scale of appliances on offer which increases with the value of the kitchen. Customers purchasing a kitchen worth £4000 could qualify for over £1000 of NEFF appliances completely FREE – that is an outstanding 28% saving.

Free NEFF Kitchen Appliances when you update your kitchen with New Image.

General Manager Kerrie Phillips said “This is a unique opportunity for customers to take advantage of this outstanding offer on NEFF Kitchen Appliances and New Image Kitchens. We would like existing and new customers to pop in to see us and save a lot of money on their kitchen projects. This is a genuine offer with huge appliance savings on our NEFF appliances. We can also offer a wide range of tiles, bespoke kitchens and bathrooms. If customers would like a live demonstration of the NEFF appliances we can arrange this in our large showroom on the Granby Industrial Estate”.

New Image offers one of the largest choices of bathroom and kitchen tiles in South Dorset.  The on-site tile warehouse enables customers to collect their tiles the same day, or to receive a prompt and free local delivery, allowing them to complete their dream rooms as quickly as possible.

For more information please pop into the showroom at 8 Kent Close on Granby Industrial Estate or call 01305 781709.

January sale at New Image Tiles Kitchens & Bathrooms

New Year means new beginnings for you and your home. Take advantage of discounts in our January sale.

Maybe an update to your bathroom or refreshing your kitchen, both can be achieved now for less with New Image. During January 2017 New Image Tiles, Kitchens & Bathrooms will be paying your VAT on many ranges saving you up to 20% off the usual price.

New Image Tiles have been selling tiles for over 27 years in Weymouth and now, from their showroom on the Granby Industrial Estate, Weymouth you can view thousands of tiles in a beautiful collection of designed layouts for Kitchens, Bathrooms and Wetrooms.

New Image has tiles for inside and out and they are mostly kept in stock at the warehouse adjacent to the showroom in Weymouth and can be delivered locally the same day. If you are having difficulty selecting the right tiles for your project then New Image can offer clients sample tiles to take away so that customers can check the appearance in their own rooms.

Every order is picked and wrapped by our experienced warehouse team who make sure that each order is from the same batch number, and that the tiles have size and colour consistency.

Save up to 20% now at New Image Tiles Kitchens and Bathrooms
For more information please call us on 01305 781709

Underfloor Heating at New Image Tiles. A great way to future proof your bathroom.

No one likes to walk over a freezing cold floor when they’ve got bare feet, especially during the winter months so here’s 10 reasons why you should treat yourself to some under-tile heating. Advances in technology and materials in recent years have made it a more viable option for those looking to add comfort and value to their properties. Quality systems can be purchased for as little as £200. Radiant heat’s draught-free heat is evenly distributed throughout the room. As it gently rises from the floor, it warms the air to living level.

Independent tests have shown that when feet are warm, the air temperature can be lower without affecting overall comfort. The thermostat can be set to four degrees lower than conventional heating methods while providing the same comfort levels, reducing energy costs by 10-40%.

Running Costs

Buying and installing the system is one thing, but is it affordable to run? Extensive tests have been conducted to provide customers with accurate running costs, based on individual usage patterns. Tests concluded that is costs as little as 0.6p per meter per hour to run its highly efficient systems.

Quality products with a lifetime warranty

Look for thin, dual-core heating wire that won’t raise floor levels and does not have to return to the thermostat, making installation fast. Avoid cheap, PVC-coated wires with low wattage outputs and poor warranty levels as they are more likely to burn out earlier. Products that carry accreditation’s like BEAB and KEMA and offer a lifetime warranty are a good investment.


Electric systems can be set to heat an individual room only where and when it is needed. Tailoring the system’s usage to individual lifestyle needs will maximise savings.

Added value

Little luxuries like underfloor heating will add resale value, setting the home apart from the competition and commanding a higher price.

Better air quality

Other heating methods act like a dust traps, creating draughts that spread dust, pollen, and germs, causing major health problems for asthma and allergy sufferers. Underfloor heating reduces draughts and dries wet floors quickly, reducing the moisture dust mites need to survive, while maintaining a healthy level of humidity.


Floor heating frees up wall space for cupboards, cabinets or to create a minimalist look.

Quiet, maintenance-free warmth

Because there are no moving parts, it is quiet. With no radiators to clean, redecorate or replace, there is nothing to maintain, making the lifetime cost very low.

Sole-source heat

It can be used either as a main source of heat or to simply take the chill off the tiles.

Find out more about Under-Tile Heating

If you’d like to know more about under-tile heating then you can read our information page or alternatively call us on 01305 781709 and we’ll be happy to help.