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Top 5 Hallway Tiles

Lots of you have been asking us lately which tiles are best for your hallway floor, with that in mind, here are our top 5 picks for Hallway Tiles.


original style victorian tiles rust buff black brown

Victorian Floor Tiles

Victorian Floor Tiles have been a firm favourite for hallway floors and porches for decades due to their traditional style and are the perfect choice for period properties.

More recently, however, new colours and decors have been added to the collection, such as Carnation Pink, Spring Green and Pugin Blue, meaning it is now possible to create more contemporary designs.

Many British homes built from 1860 may have had a tiled front path or hallway using this tile style. It’s possible to restore, repair or replicate these areas using these geometric floor tiles.

These vitrified unglazed tiles are hardwearing, long-lasting and most of all, are simply beautiful.


Parquet-Walnut floor tiles

Parquet Effect Porcelain

Parquet flooring has been in the spotlight lately, being heavily featured in many home and lifestyle magazines, along with social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram.

The small format allows these wood effect tiles to be laid in multiple formats, such as the popular herringbone or chevron pattern. We have 3 colours available, a traditional dark walnut, a natural oak, and grey ash. Unlike real wood flooring, this porcelain alternative will not bow or discolour from sunlight and is suitable for all forms of underfloor heating. The glazed porcelain ensures durability, and the ridged texture provides a grip underfoot to reduce the chances of slipping.

All ideal features for high traffic areas such as hallways.


Acropolis Patterned Tiles

Our stocked range of decorative, patterned tiles offers an affordable, easily fit solution for hallway and porch floors. Acropolis features a slightly textured slip-resistant surface but is still smooth enough to be able to wipe clean.

There are several lovely patterns and colours in this range, from Blue to Burgundy and the ever-popular monochrome.

These tiles are only £25.99 per square metre, so if you love the look of Victorian floor tiles but don’t like the price tag, Acropolis is the range for you.

View the range here


Terrazzo Style Tiles

Terrazzo was created, primarily by accident, many years ago when artists and architects produced a considerable amount of waste in the form of scrap chips when creating their stained glass or sculptures. It was noticed that walking over those marble, glass, and other waste chips pushed them into workshop floors.

Italians learned to create Terrazzo by scattering the waste chips onto clay bases, compressing them, and polishing them for a more uniform look.

For many years, we have mostly seen Terrazzo laid in extremely high traffic areas such as shopping malls and other commercial spaces.

Today, however, Terrazzo has been reinvented in a porcelain tile form and is highly desirable for our homes.

The small 20x20cm format is an ideal solution for hallways and porches.

View the range here


Dordogne Modular Porcelain

Dordogne has been a staple range in our floor tile collection for many years. A porcelain version of the timeless Limestone tiles we all love.

Limestone is a beautiful material, and it is now possible to achieve the look, firstly without the hefty price tag, but also without the high maintenance.

Real Limestone is a delicate material, prone to absorbing stains from everyday spills such as tea or red wine. Their porcelain counterparts are highly resistant to stains and scratches.

If you’re looking for a tile in your hallway, which can follow through to other rooms such as the kitchen or lounge, then Dordogne could be a great match for you.

With versatile laying options, 2 natural colours to choose from, and the ‘Petite Dessines’ decor tile, Dordogne can be styled to suit your home.

View the range here:


If you would like more information on any of our ranges, please get in touch.