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Using Exterior Tiles to Create a Dynamic Entranceway

Creating a dynamic porch or entranceway way using exterior tiles can add a unique charm to your property. Below we have listed our top tips on how to create a dynamic entrance using exterior tiles.

Choosing the right tiles

When choosing exterior tiles to create a dynamic entranceway for your property, it is important to select the right tiles to ensure your entranceway will continue to look fantastic for years to come. We supply a wide range of porcelain exterior tiles at New Image. They are made to the highest standard to suit harsh temperatures and changing weather conditions. Our selection of exterior porcelain tiles are slip-resistant, waterproof, and extremely durable – meaning that they won’t crack, wear away or freeze. Our exterior tiles will help you create a dynamic looking entranceway that will last throughout the years.


Play with colour

We recommend experimenting with colour when revamping your entranceway using exterior tiles.  Coloured exterior tiles can drastically enhance the signature look of your home, whilst simultaneously making it stand out from its surroundings. First of all, it’s important to consider the architectural style, colours and materials present in the property when selecting a tile colour. For example, if your home is a relatively modern build, we highly suggest using statement colours, such as black or white, to further embellish the contemporary exterior of the building. Alternatively, if your home is a traditional thatched cottage, or townhouse, surrounded by foliage and flowers, we recommend choosing exterior tiles to reflect the classic aesthetic, such as brown or green.

Bold or patterned exterior tiles can create a visually exciting entranceway. If you’re looking to create a one-of-a-kind entranceway using exterior tiles, we highly recommend using our fantastic range of Victorian Tiles. Available in a diverse range of classic patterns and colours, Victorian Tiles can add a touch of traditional elegance and sophistication to your entranceway.  These exterior tiles can be laid out in a wide variety of patterns, to create a unique entranceway to welcome you into your home. Contrasting colours can create a highly effective and visually striking effect, for example, darker exterior tiles pair beautifully with a light grout.

Play with texture

We do not recommend using wood or natural stone panels if you’re entrance way is exposed to the elements. However, if you love the look of these materials, we suggest using our range of wood and stone-effect porcelain exterior tiles. Textured tiles and effect tiles (such as wood effect, or stone effect) are an excellent way to create a rustic or timeless-looking porch or entranceway without the danger of eventual damage to the tiles.

If you’re looking to use exterior tiles to create a natural-looking entranceway, we recommend using our stone-effect tiles with a beige, or brown grouting to mirror the colours within the tile. These stone-effect tiles work incredibly well with a variety of property styles, from modern builds to townhouses, depending on how they are placed and styled.

Original Style_VFT_Lambeth pattern with modified Wordsworth border in Red, Buff, Black, Brown and White_1

Add accents

All our porcelain exterior tiles can be cut to best suit the needs of your project. With that in mind, we highly recommend using exterior tiles to highlight certain features of your entranceway, such as a doorway, stairs, steps, or gates. Using exterior tiles to create an accent is a fantastic way to incorporate your individual personality and design aesthetics into your exterior space – and there truly is no limit to your creative capabilities when using exterior tiles as accents! For example, if you decide to mix and match exterior tiles in various sizes and/or styles, you can create mosaic borders.

If you need help creating designs using exterior tiles or selecting the perfect exterior tile for your entranceway renovation, why not speak to an expert? Our in-house professional design experts will gladly help you create a custom design to best suit your requirements and individual tastes. To talk to one of our knowledgeable designers, you can either book an appointment online or simply visit our Weymouth store for more information.

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