Approved installers of bathrooms and kitchens

Installation of your new Bathroom or Kitchen

New Image Tiles, Kitchens and Bathrooms do not offer an installation service for very sound reasons. With seasonal trends it would be virtually impossible for us to employ installers all year round. Also the number of tiles, bathrooms and kitchens that we sell in a month is significantly higher than the number that can be installed. Our clients would therefore have to wait for a significant time into the future.

Approved installers

However, we do introduce our clients to local, professional trades. These people can install your kitchen, bathroom or tiling project to an exceptionally high standard that we know our customers appreciate. As a result the average waiting time for an installation is about three months from initial design consultation to completion.

Our approved installers understand the quality products and services that we supply as they are fitting them on a daily basis.  We also have excellent communication links with them so that together we can tackle any issues that may arise. Our kitchen and bathroom designers reciprocate this communication link. They understand to a good level the issues that the installers may come across with respect to electrics and plumbing. As such they provide the most efficient design and fit to achieve the best possible end results.

These approved installers are professionals in their fields and are totally invested in our projects because it is their businesses on the line. This is unlike some employed fitters who are often poorly paid, lack experience and qualifications. They are also not fully invested in their work because the projects they are working on are not personal to them. Our approved installers all take enormous pride in their work and are great ambassadors for New Image.

Getting quotes

We would always recommend that you get at least two or three quotes. This puts you in control of your project. You can then compare quotes which will vary for numerous reasons; for example the time the project will take, the materials that the installers prefer to use. It also gives you the opportunity to build a rapport with your potential installers. You can discuss any issues or worries you may have and most importantly, choose who you want in your home.

Unforeseen issues

It is not unusual to find that extra work and materials may be required because of what may be found once the

room is stripped back to its bare bones. For example there may be remedial work required to floors or walls, extra electrical work or plumbing issues. These issues can be discussed with the installer. Because of the experience of the installers, each will come up with different ideas and suggestions for the project which neither the designer nor the client may have thought of.

This system works well for all the three parties involved; us as the supplier, your installers and most importantly you – our clients. This results in fabulous installations that exceed our client’s expectations.