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Baths & Bath Screens


Create a focal point in your bathroom with a bath and wallow in its therapeutic properties. The Romans knew their stuff and Bath –or Aquae Sulis- famous for its public baths, proves that point.

Baths are available in just about every shape and size and made in a variety of materials.  We can supply a bath to suit your taste, style, size and budget. From freestanding to double ended, L shaped and P shaped, roll top, corner and whirlpool. There is bound to be a bath to create the look you want.

Whether you just want to just lie back and think good thoughts, we can find a bath that suits your needs. Let us help create your own oasis of relaxation.

Bath Screens

Bath screens enable to you use your bath as a shower which is great if you’re a bit tight for space and in need of some small bathroom ideas. Curved or straight, clear or opaque we have a great range of bath screens in stock and on display in our showroom.