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Kitchen Revival

Kitchens are the ‘heart’ of most modern homes and with the popularity of open plan living it is where we tend to spend our time interacting with family and friends, but it still needs to be functional.

This room is probably the most expensive to kit out and we want fitted units and trendy lighting and all the latest integrated time-saving, energy-saving appliances and gadgets.

So how can you give your kitchen a facelift without breaking the bank? A few changes can make all the difference.


Don’t leave your kitchen in the dark- good lighting will brighten up even the darkest of corners- think down-lights, spotlights, LED strips, plinth lighting or under cabinet lights. These can be installed quickly and a combination of these will create atmosphere and ambience and conjure up different moods as well as making the most of all the spaces.


If the cost of new units is not an option then changing the doors could be. Your kitchen can be totally transformed just by replacing the doors and drawer fronts- it is these that take all the stresses and strains of daily use leaving perfectly good cabinets behind them. Replacements take a fraction of the time to fit; it is quick and much less disruptive. Almost any colour and style is available from slab gloss to farmhouse, lime-washed to shaker style, it will be hard to choose. Don’t forget that something as simple as changing the knobs, handles and tap will have a huge effect on the overall look and this simple update will be a minimal cost.


Consider changing the worktops for an instant face-lift. There is so much choice available there is going to be something to suit every price range and taste; it could be hard to choose! From laminates to resin, granite and quartz, solid wood to the latest technology of Dekton, there will be a surface and colour to suit your new kitchen.

A quick change with a dramatic effect and minimal disruption.


The wall area between the worktops and the wall units and behind the cooker is often a forgotten space when considering a re-vamp. There are options available to add a splash of colour and texture and make the space look bigger.

Tiles and mosaics are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours, patterns, materials and textures, so here is the space to let your imagination run riot. Do not feel limited to small squares or metro style tiles; bigger tiles, generally thought of as bathroom tiles, can make this small space look longer and deeper, and there are less grout lines- always a bonus!!

Think brick, wood, metallic or glass to modernise or keep it traditional with a twist- we have a huge selection you can choose from.

Glass splashbacks can be bought in standard sizes in a range of colours or they can be made to measure. They come in 6mm safety glass in a huge colour range.



With a huge variety of kitchen tiles available from stock, your kitchen floor could be transformed; porcelain tiles are exceptionally tough wearing and you do not need to worry about dirt and staining- they clean up perfectly every time. Depending on the look you are trying for they could be a semi polished concrete effect or weathered floorboards, flagstones or parquet, patterned or plain. Use them to complement your worktop or splashback or create a dramatic effect with a contrasting colour. Whatever your choice the change will be amazing.

With all tiling we would recommend that the grout is sealed with our grout protector spray; this will ensure that the grout always looks pristine and any dirt will lift away.

Whether you opt for one, some or all of these renovation ideas not only will you transform your kitchen into a stunning new space, relatively quickly and with minimal cost and disruption but, best of all, your kitchen face-lift can add value to your home making it very cost effective – sadly it won’t improve your cooking skills but you will want to spend more time there and that is, after all, where all the best parties end up!!

Kitchen revival flooring.