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Top 5 things to consider when planning your bathroom

A bathroom renovation is not just about adding value to your property, it is an investment in your health, wellbeing and comfort. To help you plan your bathroom revamp or overhaul, we’ve enlisted the help of our our bathroom design expert, Angela. Angela has more than 15 years experience in the design and construction industry and is responsible for planning and designing our bathrooms at New Image. In this blog she outlines her top 5 things you should consider when planning your dream bathroom.

Needs and requirements

Prioritise your needs and think carefully about what you require from your bathroom. First decide whether you need a bath, a shower or both . If you have children, then a bath may be essential. If you have a small space then you may need a shower over your bath, so a lower bath may be a good option, especially if getting in and out is proving difficult. If you have taken the decision to get rid of your bath altogether in favour of a shower enclosure you may want to consider a slimline tray that fits level with your flooring to avoid a large step in. Next think about what kind of lighting is required; is there plenty of natural light, is a lit mirror a necessity, are spotlights appropriate to light up dark corners or will a LED central light do the job? Do you need a comfort height WC- a bonus if you are less able or have hip or back injuries? Do you need storage? Once you have the answer to these questions then you can plan everything else.


Storage is essential in a bathroom, especially if you have a large family or are a canny shopper who likes to stock up on bargains. Vanity units with a wash basin atop is the easiest and most popular option, however there are plenty of storage solutions available to suit any bathroom. Wall mounted cupboards, tall floor standing units, recessed cabinets and wall mounted cabinets and baths with hidden storage are all available to hide your bathroom clutter.Bottle holders, wire baskets and over glass hooks [with or without a basket] will keep your shower floor free of bottles and bathing accessories. If you have depth in your wall cavity then built-in niches offer a modern and eye catching solution for holding all your bottles. Heated towel rails and radiators with towel bars are a dual-purpose storage and heating solution; not only do they keep your towels neat and tidy, but they are lovely and warm too.


Always be realistic with your budget and plan for the unexpected. Have a contingency fund available just incase something is unearthed once the room is stripped. For instance, there may be extra plumbing and electrics to consider or remedial work may be required to the walls and floor. When choosing your bathroom suite always consider both quality and price. Often quality is compromised with cheaper ranges so better to buy once and pay a little more than find having to source replacements a couple of years down the line. ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ is a good policy so if there is something that you can salvage from your old bathroom then it is worth considering reusing it, which may help with the budget. At New Image we only sell quality products and tiles from reputable suppliers. Be wary of on-line purchases,  they are often not the bargain you think they are; you can’t see or touch the product prior to it turning up and after sales service and returns policies are sometimes below par. Remember there is the supply of the goods and the installation to budget for!


Bathroom trends are always changing so it’s important to pick a theme that reflects you and your personal style. Decide whether you want traditional, modern, country or spa chic and take the age and type of

house into consideration. Do you want your bathroom to be in keeping with the rest of the house or would you prefer a bold and contrasting look? Having an understanding of the look you are aiming to achieve will help you choose from the vast selection of taps, showers, tiles and accessories available. If you’re stuck for ideas check out our bathroom inspiration website, which showcases some of our favourite looks in a range of carefully collated mood boards.




Proper installation is essential to ensure that your new bathroom works effectively and is shown to its full potential. New Image do not employ installers but we do have a list of approved installers and tilers, who are experienced and come highly recommended. Whether you choose one of our approved installers or have your own fitter in mind, we always recommend getting two or three different quotes. It’s also important that they are aware of everything that is going into your new room. New Image offer a free design and planning service that our clients can show the fitter, so they know the layout and fittings that are being supplied. We liaise with our clients and our approved installers very closely to ensure that all parties are happy from the initial consultation to the 1st luxurious shower or bath. For more information about installation you can read our ‘installation of your bathroom‘ blog.