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Transform your Garden with Outdoor Tiles

As the summer months are rapidly approaching and the days are getting longer and warmer, there is no better time to get your garden ready for summer. An excellent way to give your garden a new lease of life is by using outdoor tiles to refresh your outdoor space. Our range of exterior tiles at New Image Tiles are extremely durable and can be used to revamp and repave a wide range of outdoor spaces. Below, we have listed several ways in which outdoor tiles can help you transform your garden.

Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

When either building or refurbishing your patio, walkways or adding features to your garden, we highly recommend using exterior porcelain tiles over traditional wood or stone paving. Where wood panels or stone paving inevitably cracks or, in a worst-case scenario, rots – our range of outdoor porcelain tiles at New Image Tiles are highly durable to general wear and will never crack or freeze in extreme weather conditions. Therefore, porcelain outdoor tiles are far more cost-effective when compared to traditional outdoor panels, and will ensure that your garden continues to look immaculate for many years to come.

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Patios and Walkways

If you are looking to create a timeless-looking patio, we recommend large-format outdoor porcelain tiles in your chosen colour which will work cohesively with your property and surroundings.  For example, tiles which are silver, grey, beige, or white work pair excellently with properties with feature glass windows, such as conservatories, or those that have red brick, or wood-panelled exteriors.

Further garden enhancements using tiles

Another fantastic way in which outdoor tiles can enhance your garden is by creating a patio with steps which create different levels. Garden solar lights are an excellent way to elevate your garden further, this can be done by installing ‘step lights’ beneath these patio steps or along your porcelain tiles which can light up your walkways. We believe that garden lights are a must-buy for those wishing to spend time in their garden after sundown. Not only are these lights a safety precaution, but they also reflect light against smooth porcelain outdoor tiles and create a beautiful warm glow for you to enjoy on summer evenings.


Flowerbeds and Water Features

Outdoor tiles can also be used to create show-stopping feature pieces in your garden. This can be done by reinforcing certain landforms, such as flower beds or water features, with a border of smaller or cut tiles (as shown left). This makes your garden look incredibly organised and is guaranteed to wow your guests during a garden party this summer.

Victorian tiles on a path with blue front door

Porches and Entrance Ways

A beautifully kept porch or entranceway is the perfect way to make a great impression to guests. One way of creating a cohesive and voguish outdoor space is by using outdoor tiles to pave your front garden and the entrance to your home.

We highly recommend using our excellent range of Victorian tiles, which are available in-store at our showroom in Weymouth, to pave your front outdoor space. Victorian Tiles come in a wide range of traditional and authentic styles. These can be arranged in a variety of ways to create your own bespoke pattern design.

If you require any assistance creating a bespoke outdoor space using tiles, then consider booking an appointment with one of our experienced designers in-store in our Weymouth showroom. Design consultations are completely free, meaning that you can effortlessly gain expert advice without any added hassle or further commitment.


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